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Example sentences for price point

Asphalt composition shingles are a popular choice because of their low price point and long life.
That's its nature, but at that price point you'd think the hood could stow.
At this price point, it should have been bigger and therefore much less noticeable as something different ie a weapon carrier.
Newer, larger television with more features constantly replace the older models and almost always at a lower starting price point.
And it disappoints at a high price point: insult upon injury.
The price point can even go lower apparently, though no number was divulged.
My success in business was a low price point and many more sales.
At that price point you're better off upping the ante and going with a scooter.
Focused as an ebook reader, this device makes sense at the price point they have here.
It's at about the same price point as a vacuum cleaner.
In a niche, high quality high price point sort of way.
Achieving that price point is what's keeping the best brains in the business awake at night.
The resulting supply curve intersects the demand curve at a higher price point, and there is a large market segment left unserved.
Eventually, the growth level will stop as enough people decide they don't need to attend college at the price point offered.
Its all about advertizing, knowing your customer, and price point.
However, these extremes are on a continuum of wine choices at every price point and quality level in between.
Users access the facilities database by merely choosing a borough and a price point.
Restaurateurs want to serve food they can keep below a certain price point.
Price an itinerary that connects you on the same airline to see the price point you need to beat.
As with everything for sale today on flights, finding the right price point would be an important consideration.
Pick your price point and follow me on three unique excursions.
At that price point, it effects how decisions are made.
Owners program the controller to charge at a specific time of day or night or at a set price point.
The critical piece of the policy design is with the price point and the level of performance required.
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