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Many new species are coming from areas that have not been previously explored or are poorly understood.
Attendees also got an early look at previously unknown and little-studied dinosaurs.
The evidence becomes even more valuable when the species photographed is elusive, threatened or even previously unknown.
It has been encountered in a range of animal species, including chimpanzees, but had never been previously shown in elephants.
Some of her patients had previously worn dust masks colored with cosmetic foundation.
It was the public reporting of what had previously only been privately discussed that was the real change.
But it has been enormously successful at identifying previously unknown individual genes.
And the recession was worse than previously believed.
Even some winners would be on the hook, if the jury award is much less than they had previously been offered in a settlement.
Hotspots have cooled, only for violence to invade places previously considered safe.
Device makers previously sniffed at the notion that smartphones or tablets posed a threat.
Both measures, previously agreed to as a form of temporary stimulus, were due to expire at the end of the year.
Previously, nonprofits of that size did not need to file returns.
It has not previously worked with educational content.
It cannot be made if the question can be reached by calling up the motion to reconsider which has been previously made.
No special order can be made so as to interfere with one previously made.
Fill individual moulds, previously dipped in cold water.
If iron pans are used they must be previously heated.
But if taken up on another day, no notice is taken of speeches previously made.
One leading animal behavior researcher believes these results show chimps and humans are more alike than previously thought.
Wild giant pandas may be much more common than previously thought, scientists announced this week.
Early mammals were not only bigger than previously thought-some were carnivores and hunted small dinosaurs for dinner.
The genetic makeup of the human race is much more varied than previously believed, new research shows.
Airports can pose a far bigger threat to local air than previously recognized, thanks to the transformative power of sunlight.
Its existence has been predicted for some time, but hadn't previously been observed.
Scientists have discovered a unique long-whiskered rodent representing a previously unknown mammal family.
Placebo affect as previously mentioned as well as conformity expectations.
Some of the automatically produced inventions infringe squarely on the exact claims of the previously patented inventions.
But as someone who had previously studied perception in bees, he knew that it was original, high-quality research.
Previously, ocean-observatory projects have focused on specific topics such as seismic data.
The announcement had a mix of previously-announced features and new additions.
Astronomers are making some astronomical news today, estimating there are three times the number of stars as previously estimated.
We will not consider simultaneous submissions or poems that have been previously published, even in small, private editions.
Land trusts were not a new idea, but previously they had only been used to protect parks and other public lands.
After much discussion, they picked a three-in-one volume containing two adventures they had previously read.
Two weeks previously, polls had shown his support in the single figures.
Previously the world had run on trust, bribery, and subtle forms of blackmail.
The same researchers had previously observed a similar paucity of dopamine receptors in scans of the brains of drug addicts.
In this paper they looked at the genes which have been implicated previously in pigmentation variation.
The latest research suggests that this protein tagging is even more influential than scientists had previously believed.
Scientists had previously remarked that tarsiers were unusually quiet.
Many species are turning out to have a much wider range than scientists have previously appreciated.
Four other bone and ivory flutes were previously found in the same area.
Astronomers had previously regarded our sun as peculiar for its dearth of lithium.
There is a much larger built-in user base for exoskeletal legs than you may have previously considered.
So really the only thing you need to do is make sure that the restaurant is serving previously frozen fish.
Ethanol derived from corn consumes up to three times more water than previously thought, according to a new study.
Researchers show that they can make more efficient use of the airwaves than previously thought.
Researchers have previously tried a similar strategy.
The team previously found that the routes they gleaned from taxis were faster than routes provided by major mapping services.
We have learned that the human genome is much more dynamic than previously thought.
Bendable electronics aren't new: researchers have previously stamped, printed, and sprayed circuitry on plastic sheets.
Synthetic scaffolding had been created previously, but it had not been used to replace a human organ.
Previously, interacting with augmented reality content involved tapping the screen.
Previously, users had to download the software for crisis mapping before they could launch a new reporting effort.
But unlike those who had previously attacked the problem, he took advantage of the new tools of synthetic biology.
It's down because of the water that you added previously.
Previously, engineered bacteria have only been able to produce tens of milligrams of the protein per liter.
What was previously the largest system for generating electricity from manure produced two megawatts.
But to the best of my belief no one previously has devoted a substantial nonfictional study to the life of this elusive lady.
Twenty years previously, during the savings and loans crisis, this approach had been adopted successfully.
Binge drinking is bigger problem than previously thought.
The first, as previously announced, will be a traditional white tower of saccharine goodness.
The latter has a lot more of the consequences that you mentioned previously.

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