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Example sentences for preview

Great idea to preview hotel rooms, but photos won't cover all factors.
The results are expected to be a preview of general elections due next year.
The results can be displayed as a preview of a page of the book.
He even gets a preview of what is in store for him should he continue on his miserly ways.
It showed up perfectly in the preview, but now the kanji and kana appear as question marks.
My full review, complete with an a video preview and more images, here.
Let's take a look at the preview for what could be the world's inaugural apocalyptic rom-com below.
But you could see here a preview of what became their standard operating procedure.
In the preview the last line of each poem appeared separated from the previous ones by an empty line.
So, read over the preview pages and then head to your local shop to pick up the rest of the story.
AR is already being used by a few automakers to preview virtual depictions of engineering schematics.

Famous quotes containing the word preview

For parents, the terrible twos are a psychological preview of puberty.... At the age of two or three, child... more
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