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Example sentences for prevail

They ought to be sancturaries where reason and logic prevail.
Time for rational and cool minds to prevail.
Nucleators let crystallization happen in the less extreme conditions that prevail in much of Earth's troposphere.
Surely, justice and truth will prevail in the end.
She predicted that as people get smarter about what they read online, better blogs will prevail.
Wallerstein has distinguished herself as a person who knows what it takes to prevail.
In the long run, justice will prevail and the fight against oppression will prevail.
In the end, superior teamwork will always prevail on any map.
Even the women presented here who do prevail do so against discrimination and unwarranted obstacles.
If bad weather looms, I pack a picnic and predict sunshine will prevail.
In severely impacted communities, one of two scenarios is likely to prevail.
Whether a nation could prevail in such a lawsuit is open to question.
There are four basic issues, and the recording industry has to win on each of them in order to prevail.
There is even some debate as to which form of the adjective will prevail.
After this point cooler waters and other hurricane-suppressing conditions typically prevail.
If voracious vegetarians are protected, corals can prevail.
How fast this occurs and which species might prevail in the new ecosystem is subject of much conjecture at this point.
We prevail upon candidates to investigate the opportunity we're offering and then come to the table to discuss it.
When we're told of the marketing department's enthusiasm, reality does not inevitably prevail.
In the periods of centuries, different cultures will respond to pressures differently, and some will prevail.
Transparency must prevail, and wasteful spending must be curbed.
In the things that do have an strong influence in the economy, economy and health reasons must prevail.
As the power density of batteries continues to improve, that approach is more likely to prevail.
And those millions will wait until the day when cooler heads prevail over the current draconian philosophies.
Many have commented that realism should prevail over positivism.
In situations where energy storage as hydrogen outperforms electrical batteries, hydrogen will prevail.
People distort them, but science will always prevail when it comes to facts.
As long as the same often obscure interests prevail, our efforts will be greatly wasted.
Yes, but if an increasingly probable sad future will irreversibly prevail, nobody will be happy to be sure of it.
Many countries in the regions so described have winds that prevail from one direction for a good part of the year.
S/he is almost certain not to present evolution as presently understood as absolute truth that will prevail till eternity.
Good data and good interpretations of reproducible data is what will prevail.
Guess that is the end of that discussion and facts prevail over feelings.
Eventually science, skepticism, and rational thinking will prevail.
He would sit out lucky streaks by opponents by relying on the belief that over time his brainy, measured tactics would prevail.
Were the press any other industry, cynicism about its self-interest in promoting marginal challengers would prevail.
He wished not his view but truth to prevail-which explains the winsome cordiality of his demeanour towards other savants.
First, the more grave and important the questions discussed, the nearer should the opinion that is to prevail approach unanimity.
He that leaps the wide gulf should prevail in his suit.
The housewife may expect a drop in sugar cost if current price movements in the wholesale markets prevail.
Until recently, the widespread expectation was that some version of an idea called string theory would prevail.
Past governments have coddled chaebol, but the current one says free-market principles should prevail.
When he agreed with them, he would allow their views to prevail.
The economy needs to grow if civil harmony is to prevail.
They also need to be free from some of the measures that prevail in the rest of the company.
Such cynicism should not be allowed to prevail, especially in a conflict in which many more lives are at stake.
And the government would have to be certain it could prevail.
It is too soon to presume that harmony will prevail.
The next few days will tell whether cool heads prevail or if the country slips into serious unrest and, potentially, violence.
As the biggest economy it has the deepest pockets, so its views tend to prevail.
Their politicians, their spending priorities, even their culture seem set to prevail.
However, our best guess is that quantum mechanics must somehow prevail.
Fixed prices prevail in upscale shops and department stores, but you're expected to bargain in the markets.
Precipitation tends to fall to the east of the trough axis while colder, drier air tends to prevail to the west of the trough.
Technologies dovetail unexpectedly, strange synergies suddenly prevail, and soon the extraordinary seems almost commonplace.
It's a tragedy that clear heads have yet to prevail in this debate.
At the time of the winter solstice, let reason prevail.
One in which knowledge and learning, not prejudice, should prevail.
Now patience must prevail while the data is examined.
In the end, the truth will prevail and it will set us free.
And the extent to which it can go on at all depends on the particular environmental factors that prevail.
It is this feature of the landscape that needs to be addressed before true equity will prevail.
Caution must prevail when considering the potential for disaster, regardless of demand.
They've had to go underground a few times, but in the end reason and logic prevail.
If the two are in conflict, the public interest ought to prevail.
Another rule of thumb used to prevail among the better university presses.
Skin color is the only test by which they can prevail.
The habit killed time and gave him theories, one of which came to prevail over the others.
Beyond that limit, the interest of the public should prevail.
Northwestern should prevail on these issues in all respects.
Trousers are widening, although flat fronts still prevail in sportswear.
It is no disparagement to truth, that it can only prevail where reason prevails.
But the guideline applies only to new spacecraft and can be waived if other considerations prevail.
But even his skills and personality are ineffective in breaking down the social constraints that prevail here.
It may in time prevail-it surely will prevail if it is best it should.
They believe more people should be on welfare and that these people should get far more generous benefits than now prevail.
Spontaneous order probably won't prevail in the aftermath of such a change.
Yet in a contest, small differences of memory and visualization skills may prevail.
Those sorts of cautions rarely prevail against the temptations of weightlessness.
In the event of a conflict between this copy and the posted agenda, the posted agenda shall prevail.
The proposed stipulations should be all of the facts plaintiff intends to prove to prevail in the case.
On the equatorward side of the subtropical ridge, general easterly winds prevail.
Work preferences of reservists are considered, but work requirements will always prevail.
He's got to get the background of his accuser before the jury, and if he can do that, he's going to prevail.
They believe their side will prevail at the ballot box.
The player who can stay patient, and accept that bogeys are not necessarily bad scores, will prevail.
At some point, however, the laws of probability will prevail.

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