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Alligator leather is not only tough and durable but also pretty attractive.
And the enamel-an attractive olive green-makes it pretty enough to plop down on the table.
I'm pretty sure that is the end of the causal factor.
The front yard provides a pretty scene to view from the porch.
The attack was pretty basic.
The heavyweight champion of the world should be pretty like me.
It's pretty reliable on the road.
I'm pretty used to it by now.
And that seems pretty much okay.
It's pretty great actually.
Check out the small but pretty top-floor spa for a massage.
The artists are pretty well gone now, all but the wealthiest ones.
Our inventions are wont to be pretty toys, which distract our attention from serious things.
It is a pretty office where one works only with his stomach.
Egad, ma'am he has a pretty wit, and is a pretty poet too.
He took me first to a bedroom and flung half a dozen of his suits before me, for my own had been pretty well reduced to rags.
For an organism that can't move, coral turns out to be pretty nimble.
It must have been pretty nerve-racking having such a large animal swim up to you.
The overall picture of the health of the planet presented by birds is not pretty.
If a dog starts dragging its feet, that's a pretty good indication that it has to relieve itself.
Planetary bodies tend to heat up slowly and cool off pretty quickly.
It's fair to say the resources at your disposal were pretty limited.
While that approach is pretty, it's not the only way to go.
She lets the bees pretty much manage themselves, and says that they do pretty well.
All you need is a wire basket, a few jam jars, and some pretty crystals.
They pretty much corner the market for energy, creativity, and sociability.
Varieties whose leaves are blushed with rose or lavender are especially pretty with blue-flowered violas or lavender stock.
Grenadine adds a pretty coral tinge to this easy mix of guava, lime, and rum.
But as pretty as the drive is, you'll see more of the canyon from its many hiking trails.
These pretty star-shaped cookies are full of buttery cashews.
For the cookies, use a pretty box with a lid or a vintage tin lined with tissue paper.
Being inside a dry house in the winter is pretty tough on trees.
Many perennials will come back pretty reliably for several years in the same container.
The tropical party town has lively restaurants and pretty beaches.
Pretty as they are, the skirts' real value is as shelter for wildlife.
Here's the summertime skinny-plus three more ski towns that look pretty great in shorts too.
These pretty tartlets make for a special individual holiday dessert.
In fact, you'll need to clear out a pretty big cupboard to store a water bath canner.
While you wait for a cappuccino, a pretty fashionista asks who designed your handbag.
Bake them in individual dishes for an especially pretty presentation.
Because light also turns potatoes green, a green hue is a pretty good indication of toxicity.
At any time the tree colors up pretty much all at once, and has clean, even pigmentation.
Most of us are pretty good at separating our camellias from our lobelias, but sometimes wildflowers don't come as easily.
Fossil collecting typically is a pretty solitary exercise.
Dinosaurs vs the military is a pretty old subgenre.
But it's not healthy, and it certainly isn't pretty.
Absent a catastrophe of biblical proportions, you'll come up with a pretty good prediction.
Don't get me wrong: snow is quite pretty when it's freshly fallen.
Impressed at first sight the lucky shot turns into a pretty good picture editing.
We humans are pretty smug about our large brains and sophisticated ways.
And they found that the vacuum snuffed out pretty much all of them.
Having lost my remote control countless times, the voice activation feature seems pretty handy.
Most of the time, the image someone has of their body is pretty close to its external appearance.
The scale on these kits is pretty small, though, so don't expect exquisite detail.
As in any intense spy-action thriller, the fighting is pretty intense at times, but there is no overt show of blood.
Two of them are pretty obvious and completely unoriginal: correcting papers and attending department meetings.
The campus is small but kinda pretty, it is also a suitcase college as well.
My particular market is usually pretty balanced between jobs and applicants.
There's a lot of money involved and a pretty good chance of getting it at this point.
Newspapers emerged from the dot-com bubble relatively unscathed and probably felt pretty good about their future.
It's pretty easy to tell whether you are an effective researcher by looking at your record of publications, citations, and grants.
The bottom of the sink is pretty scratched up and get dingy and stained easily.
No government bail-out of the banking system was ever going to be pretty.
Yet traders seem pretty uninterested in political cues.
Shock result: the conference achieved pretty much nothing.
The fourth estate in the country appears to be pretty robust, too.
Yet even these pretty shelters are now being lashed by the global financial storm.
It's pretty much impossible to evict a senior or a disabled renter.
And he's pretty clear about it: these things are all explained as psychological effects.
And don't be disappointed: this is still pretty cool news.
Let's see, that would make judging size, speed and direction pretty tough.
Unfortunately, as pretty as this is, the implications are not so good: the forest in that area is suffering due to all that ash.
Everything else is pretty much debris in comparison.
But the aurorae are pretty cool, and that brings us to the second question.
We can make some pretty good guesses about the way things looked back then, though.
The laws of physics in the universe are also pretty simple.
It's pretty straightforward, the more intelligent are more skeptical of astrology.
It's done logarithmically, using factors of ten, and does a pretty good job.
Even though that's extremely cold by terrestrial standards, that's a pretty major addition of heat.
After all, it was far more successful by pretty much every measure.
But in the show's defense, it's pretty even-handed in its contempt.
People with skills had not been involved in their design, and they were pretty second rate.
The signs of the past few years are actually pretty encouraging.
Explanations of general semantics can become pretty elaborate pretty fast, but the basic idea sounds simple enough.
One entrance is pretty much as cool as another when you're visiting outer space.
Pretty much out of the blue, it occurred to him to write a novel.
But over all it's pretty rare in comedy to see anyone addressing the form itself, or to be pretty brazen about being smart.
We tend to think of sleep as a pretty low-tech experience.
Also, the calibration might be pretty similar day-to-day, so the computed tracker motor position should be pretty close.
It was a pretty standard affair with a plain rim and a few small holes punched through the bottom to keep the crust crispy.
It's because particle physics is a game of statistics, and even a non-conclusive result can be pretty interesting.
If astronomers ever spot an asteroid coming our way, the world will have to decide pretty quickly what to do.
The levels all seem pretty close to each other, in part because of the gradual differences in color between them.
Although these illustrations are interesting and pretty they are not to scale.
The video below shows another that's pretty good at doing the opposite.
Search engines are pretty good at matching keywords with relevant websites.
Most people have a pretty good idea of what it means to eat healthy foods, but few manage to do it.
What it is pretty much guaranteed to do is change your grilling.
And things are apparently also getting pretty hot down on the casino floor.
Those aren't facts, those are slogans and those slogans cost them a pretty penny to develop.
He was so immature that he couldn't talk plain, and yet he was pretty keen about striking people for nickels.
Her husband, for one, seems to have a pretty clear idea what he thinks she should get as a consolation prize.
Suicide, self-destruction, auto-annihilation: these are not pretty words.
But then, the deed they describe is not pretty either.
As long as scholars don't confront the top leadership head-on, they can write in scholarly journals pretty much as they choose.
But the situation would have to be pretty extreme, something approaching genocide or ethnic cleansing.
There was me, the inside on the outside, and it sure didn't look pretty.
And, even on a charitable account, television is a pretty low type of narrative art.
In our own dull way, we're still pretty fond of you.
They have tightly luscious surfaces and, sometimes tropically bright in color, they are consistently pretty.
We're here pretty much all through the night and it gets pretty nutty.
And the ending is, for some of the characters, pretty ambiguous.
There were tanks in the streets, so it was a pretty scary time to be there, but a lot of fun.
Most of the music has already been written and it's pretty good.

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