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Example sentences for pretension

From first to last, this amusing pretension has garnished his public oratory, and the responses of fluent sycophants.
Your arrogant pretension of truth is what deserves pity.
It lacks any pretension to depth as a psychological portrait.
Erudition is valued, and so is a smattering of pretension.
They warmed to the lack of pretension about the former physicist.
Anyone who says otherwise is simply demonstrating their pretension for the sake of demonstrating their pretension.
It was a curious event, sicklied o'er with the pale cast of pretension.
The end result is that economics offers too little practical benefits and too much pretension of science.
It's sincerity rather than camp, but it's likewise an affront to pretension because you're not playing the game.
And everywhere he looked, he could find only the pretension to knowledge, not knowledge itself.
The agendas of interdisciplinary conferences, as they are often called, can smack of pedantry and pretension.
In everything from restaurants to friends, he likes warmth and no pretension.
And the city combines its frontier feel with a lack of pretension and a modern aspect.
Going for thoughtful spatial awareness, not pretension.
The discussions are notable for their spirit of inquiry, lack of intellectual pretension and absence of verbal one-upmanship.
And if you're not so inclined, the film's seductive lack of pretension will make a fan of you.
It was an afternoon marred by neither pretension nor profundity.
Thought and knowledge are natures in which apparatus and pretension avail nothing.
The world is his who can see through its pretension.
The pretension that such information can be quantified has the value of a postulate and no more than that.
It also avoided, less famously but with equal diligence, anything that hinted at cultural pretension.
What impressed the others as a lack of pretension struck her as a lack of ambition.
Old-fashioned and a little mysterious, it's a steak without pretension, or maybe a hamburger with humble aspirations.
The stakes and poles provide some pretension of the grid, to better utilize its strength.

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