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Example sentences for pretended

And yet, you have pretended that your uninformed opinions are to be carefully considered.
They've pretended that autism is a genetic disorder kids are born with.
Others sang songs, or repeatedly tied their shoelaces, or pretended to take a nap.
Nearly everyone pretended not to notice how badly it fit.
He pretended there was no industrial logic to the takeover plan.
But the theory wasn't as good as the model-builders pretended.
The rest were either brainwashed or, as he said, pretended to be.
The king is pretended to be the custodian of the religion to maintain their political and personal interests.
He's right about that but only diplomats pretended any of that kind of talk was true.
Or who fretted-or, still worse, pretended not to fret-about their teaching evaluations.
He called me right up, laughing, and pretended he had told this student no such thing.
So much cannot be pretended for those of her sisters.
It is not even pretended that the record is complete.
It can never be pretended that these vast powers draw after them others of inferior importance, merely because they are inferior.
Workers imperiled themselves and others by operating heavy machinery on which they never pretended to have any training.
He pretended to be his twin and asked her why she liked him better than her husband.
It pretended it had never really been interested in rolling, and trotted on into the shade.
By doing so, they've pretended to be the opposite of what they are to hide their true agenda of suppression of new ideas.
He pretended that there were magical realms hidden behind the sliding shoji screens in his family's little house.
She looked away while he probed in his change purse, then they politely pretended to recognize each other.
After calling her into his office, he pretended to fire her for stealing.
Summers, for all his blemishes, has never pretended to be a politician or a political tactician.
The more abstract and self-enclosed haute cuisine became, the more its lovers pretended it was folk art.
She bought self-help books for television performers and pretended the camera was her dog, her friend, her mom.
He would not have pretended to offer his books as either reparation or apology.
He took the lipstick from her and pretended to slather it on his lips.
They pretended to be her to arrange the rendezvous last week as part of a sting operation with police.
Amazing that the writers can't even pretended to care about his character.
And she pretended to eat while plotting ways to hide the food.
It is being pretended that if there were enough water and sports drink, that there would have been no problems at all.
The pain always went away, eventually, so she pretended not to worry.
Everyone either knew or pretended to know the scatological meaning of the phrase.
Those who couldn't meet them often pretended that they had.
He not only ripped it up but, to my recollection, he even put the pieces in his mouth and pretended to swallow them.
He pretended to be cooperative, but provided only information that was either already known or that could not be checked.
Students pretended to be water molecules and simulated the movement of water within the water cycle.

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