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Example sentences for presumptuous

Also, it would be presumptuous of me to say what your dream means to you.
Just outright trying to negotiate is very likely to come off as presumptuous and annoying.
Trying to pin down the character of a generation is a controversial and, some say, presumptuous exercise.
Seldom has the drive to do good works been as alarmingly, offensively presumptuous.
Call me presumptuous, but I've already bought three-by-five cards and jotted down notes.
The technique proves to be presumptuous.
Regional politicians might find this a tad presumptuous.
But the decline is so broad and so striking that it would be presumptuous of me to take responsibility for it.
Your response seems a little presumptuous and arrogant.
He is a presumptuous and a superficial writer.
To me, it came across as presumptuous to show celebrity stardom before he had even taken the stage, as if he'd already won it.
She has the weird notion that if a soup is rich enough and good enough, it is almost presumptuous to want anything else.
It is a presumptuous book, in other words, and you may resist for the first several hundred pages.
But there was something more to their claims, something a little presumptuous, but maybe true.
The presumptuous verve with which he walks after long putts before they drop.
Today, students still skew progressive, but they consider soapboxes and megaphones presumptuous.
It is no doubt presumptuous to comment, especially at so late a date.
There's something odd, almost presumptuous, about the notion of stepping directly from an automobile into the wilderness.
While intellectual surfing may sound a bit presumptuous, that's exactly what went on between sessions in the pool and ocean.
For almost any other candidate the suggestion could seem presumptuous.
It shouldn't surprise you that presumptuous lawmakers want to require you to do something that has no proven educational value.
It's presumptuous of us to try to tell him otherwise.
Until you've walked a mile in a dog's brain, this discussion seems quite presumptuous.
It would be presumptuous of me to speculate which face is anterior and which is posterior.
Often candidates are afraid to do so because it looks presumptuous.
It would ordinarily be presumptuous to file such a motion before the court has ruled on the dispute.
Barry questioned if it was presumptuous to draft a standardized evaluation for mental health.

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