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The presumption of innocence has nothing to do with any of the above.
Current conversations about resurrecting the gold standard should focus on this underlying presumption of the standard.
Recognize that the presumption of innocence is there for a good reason and let the legal process take its course.
The presumption has been that smoking renders people vulnerable to disease by impairing lung function or immunity.
There should be a strong presumption against using the state to veto personal choice during pregnancy.
All governments, therefore, work under a corresponding presumption of action.
There's a presumption that comments are relevant and intelligently contributory.
The original version relied on the presumption that it could.
Two prior convictions raise the presumption to a mandatory life term.
Presumption of failure can be undermined by reality.
But the presumption will now be that a prenuptial agreement is fair, unless proved otherwise.
The presumption that coral reefs are dying due to warming has not been determined as factual.
The presumption is that there's going to be live video all the time.
The presumption was a lawsuit or worse, and therefore anxious, protective silence.
When it comes to trade, governments entertain no presumption that people might actually know for themselves what is best.
Part of the high pay for doctors and teachers is the presumption that they will keep up with the field.
The presumption is that it is somehow better to have less money to provide aid so long as one can feel better about its source.
All along, there has been a disquieting undercurrent to the plan, the specter of presumption or delusion.
The presumption is that it was created by a supernova.
The presumption that nobody would think to turn off a computer or game console they're not using is frankly out of touch.
The accused has the right to a presumption of innocence at trial, should there be one.
And the presumption that they will be allowed to intervene to cool things down is even more of a stretch.
Eh, there's more than a little evidence that that presumption is wrong.
Therefore the presumption that a government cannot afford to pay a smaller rate of interest is clearly wrong.
Your subsequent posts altered that early presumption.
The second presumption is that local land use decisions have by and large been made free from federal restrictions.
His presumption is a given, and it serves as the single prominent moving part in this operatic mechanism.
Your presumption is quite preposterous and it scares me that there are people who think this way.
It is the burden of those who claim that he was not the author to overcome that presumption.
In some circles that affords a presumption of expertise.
Perhaps the dean and the literature faculty in question are acting on that presumption.
The logic is as sound as the presumption is preposterous.
But the presumption is that form somehow is an indicator of relationship.
The presumption that something must be fully accurate to be of use is ridiculous.
And, as long as you are generally successful, there is the presumption of success about you.
The presumption has become that such regimes will endure.
Chastened regulators now talk about a presumption of guilt, not innocence, when prices look frothy.
Voters need to know about candidates' character and judgment, yet generally candidates deserve a presumption of privacy.
Failing such directives, the law affirms the presumption that all patients consent to be resuscitated.
What bothered him was a presumption he perceived about the kind of art people expected him to make.
He was invited, but to remind him of his presumption was told that no one else had ever asked himself to lunch.
Determining the existence of pneumoconiosis, including statutory presumption-survivor's claim.

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