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Presumably a diplomatic officer is under as strict discipline as an army officer.
If the allegation holds up, next comes a presumably deep investigation.
It presumably gets difficult if you're talking to people from different castes at the same time.
Frog toxins engage the nose and make them thoroughly unappetizing to humans, and presumably predators as well.
Presumably they would protect the letter with a paper casing.
Presumably these slobs never wash the dishes, either.
The bank presumably reckons that its medicine is already working.
Presumably the idea is that if loggers pay fewer taxes, they will invest more in conservation.
They ornamented their bodies and buried their dead with elaborate grave goods, presumably to serve them in an afterlife.
Presumably you'll need to re-input all your user and app login details.
For instance, the data could presumably be subpoenaed by governments or divorce lawyers.
Presumably the book underwent peer review when it included the pictures.
Presumably the discontented and cynical among them had already drifted off elsewhere.
Presumably the change in appearance tricks foraging birds into eating the otherwise unappetizing ants-parasites and all.
Presumably to minimize the risk of revealing his location through contact with the outside world.
They are presumably made of conductive material, and when you press one down the key is activated.
But if a faculty member is not paid to develop a specific online course, presumably he/she retains ownership over its content.
Presumably he survived, however, because somebody nursed him back to health.
Only they often take a few thousand years, presumably.
Presumably the temperature at the time of pricking would be about the same as the time of the bubble formation.
Various vultures have featherless necks, presumably to stop the blood and gore from their meals matting their plumage.
Presumably there are some things that are best left unsmelled.
They have been purposefully perforated, presumably to be strung together.
The slow return of the dunes to their normal brightness strongly suggests evaporation of some liquid, presumably methane.
He closely hugged the southern coast, presumably making landfalls, and resumed his journey by cycle.
What you are seeing here is the animal presumably bottom feeding.
Presumably someone who gets nominated has a better chance at an interview.
The selection process has not been revealed, but presumably beta keys will be handed out at random to interested gamers.
About midnight there was an intermission in the music, presumably for supper.
It does not apply to single people, who are presumably less sinful.
Presumably this approach will enable the ship to navigate past the jet stream and maintain its position.
The virus had exactly the effect that the authors would presumably have predicted.
Presumably at this point you're not going to have that problem.
These neurons are then presumably available to aid in situations that tax the mind.
Presumably the two grad students you have now are funded internally.
Yet presumably they evolved from fish with functioning eyes.
Part is presumably push: a feeling that he no longer belongs to the place where he lives.
Someone being the editorial staff that a magazine presumably has, or should have.
Then he goes to practice in a modest community because he presumably has the genuine healer's zeal.
Presumably you occasionally have conversations apart from the evils of diversity.
In the southern shaft he was stopped, presumably by the blocking door.
If one plant were so synchronized, presumably the others would follow automatically.
Presumably the markets can manage to hold on until then.
Presumably economic incentives work on budding and established novelists as on anyone else.
Presumably these simulations have provide predictive power.
However, there would presumably need to be some oversight of any taxpayer subsidies they got.
Presumably the false teeth helped to maintain a grip on slippery prey such as fish and squid on which these giant birds fed.
Presumably there will be some kinds of business that one kind will do better than another.
The meteorite has always been known for its strong odour, presumably caused by the organic chemicals it contains.
For one thing trilobites presumably had casings of chitin not calcium carbonate.
Both building a new memory and tucking away an old one presumably involved building proteins at the synapse.
They're born with a drive to dominate, which presumably helps them uphold their matrilineal status.
It was, presumably, a candidate for either renovation or demolition.
It apparently lived in open habitats and presumably could tackle even prey as large as a bison.
Each is designed with a slight outward lean, presumably to protect the main mausoleum in case one of them should collapse.
He's less reticent about discussing his frequent-flier mileage balance, which presumably exceeds that of his peers.
Presumably that was the primary goal of the perpetrators-to attract attention, to spawn fear.
Presumably, less stringent measures haven't worked, or the behavior would not have occurred.
After all, the ghosted columns had been appearing for years, presumably under the names of other faculty members.
If you're walking around, presumably you'd be looking at the students.
Almost all senior faculty will come with portable funding, but since you are coming from industry, presumably you will not.
Similarly, if she helps invent better products, she will presumably capture those gains as well.
The site also has a photo of a modern office building, presumably its headquarters.
Presumably you chose it because it was right for you.
Presumably, he meant the communist insurgency still simmering in the border area.
It had presumably returned to its haunts in the murky, peaty depths of the lake.
They have been made by a state-secrets watchdog, presumably with the government's blessing.
The latter will presumably trade at a discount to the former.
They presumably fear jeopardising the stability of their renegade ally.
The private sector, presumably knowing a dud when it sees one, will not put up money for the bridge.
Experienced foreign private-equity firms are presumably not so gullible.
Presumably it also wanted to be able to say it had the spill under control.
But these are nuances that, presumably, can be added into the model as it becomes more complex.
Does it order and pay for it for you, presumably you have to give your program credit card details.
Presumably, with three mics, they'd be able to actually read the gestures in two dimensions based on the timing of the signals.
These tunnels presumably are responsible for the improved optical properties.
Presumably, they are able to use various cues such as the topic of conversation and the inferred emotional state of each speaker.
As you ride to work on the bus or train, count the people you see wearing headphones and presumably listening to music.
It presumably would be useful only to short-range commuters with no other need for the car.
In an age of space travel, anyone with the wherewithal has presumably gone away.
Presumably, this is a sly comment about the traffic laws.
Presumably this would not be so for any experienced flight instructor.
Gradual compensated emancipation would, presumably, have been the better option.
Presumably, the cookie was looking to see what sorts of products those it had infected might be interested in buying.
Presumably, army casualties would be far higher if the war were as straightforward as it's often made out to be.
Some of those would, presumably, come at the expense of jobs elsewhere in the economy.
And presumably, life would be somewhat better for both of them.
They then prematurely announced a slew of tour dates, including on the mainland, presumably to drum up publicity.
But the information is still being recorded, presumably in perpetuity.
Presumably, sophisticated aliens could do the same for themselves.
Naturally, you'll be able to chat in real-time with that friend, presumably about the song or the band in question.
But this one presumably has a larger sensor than the other minis and can pick up nicer, more accurate detail and color.
Presumably this means that they'll be fast and quiet for video shooting.
Presumably you'll also need to bring along a plastic bag to protect them from all that thirstily-absorbed seawater.
There was no reference to the size of the object and the picture was taken presumably by a satellite looking down on it.
Presumably, you'd need scan all of the fingerprints of people who might potentially use your car in the case of an emergency.
Presumably the stress of impending decapitation caused her locks to lose color within hours.
These little guys can feast on pure caffeine all day-and presumably all night-long.
Presumably because of the dragonfly equivalent of testosterone coursing through his veins.
Presumably, those who make the standards will let them evolve as new situations are encountered.
Our own species will go extinct presumably long before that.
If one guy was obviously stronger than the other, presumably the weaker would head out in favor of saving his own neck.
Presumably the inflation stage expanded the universe to a size that it appears flat.
Methane differed idiosyncratically, presumably due to differences in flora.
Presumably, each new universe could develop a different set of physical laws.
But, if you had lots of cousins you could presumably reconstruct the genotypes far better.
And all those other disgruntled retired generals presumably waiting in the wings stayed quiet.
But he did let his hair grow, and presumably enjoyed the benefits of the post-pill era.
The movie is deliberately vague, an obfuscation presumably intended to intrigue us.
My best moment was tailing a tiny electric car, presumably with a smug environmentalist behind the wheel, on a narrow road.
Presumably, the other half of the human population is already sufficiently peaceable.

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