presto in a sentence

Example sentences for presto

And then, presto, he's about in our midst giving an imitation of a wet hen with a brood of ducks.
Cooler air rushes in from the ocean to take its place and presto, a wind is born.
Collect enough tickets and, presto, you have a degree.
When this slippage happens abruptly, presto, you've got an earthquake.
Plug into a car battery, and hey presto, the gas bubbles off and can be easily collected.
Hook it up to a voltage and, presto, out comes light.
The game was to set these as low as possible and, hey presto, to beat them.
Now of course those income streams have shrivelled and hey presto, up to our eyeballs in debt.
Presto, the bars of her window fall out into her hands.
He steals the letters, changes a word here and a line there, sends them off and presto: a marriage is on the rocks.
Then she had liposuction and, presto, those saddlebags disappeared.

Famous quotes containing the word presto

Down, wanton, down! Have you no shame That at the whisper of Love's name, Or Beauty's, presto! up you raise... more
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