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Example sentences for prestigious

Well, the prices are certainly prestigious.
In this case, the privilege has to do with spending a year in Paris as part of a prestigious high school study-abroad program.
His goal: to partner with prestigious language schools.
Being on the staff of the yearbook used to be considered prestigious: now only eight students show up for the job.
It is to their shame they do not impose more rigorous scientific standards in their once-prestigious publication.
They received an e-mail in December informing them that they had been accepted on the prestigious, $50000-a-year programme.
In the meantime, his passion for medical research gained him numerous prestigious appointments and awards.
The client was a prestigious hotel, and the setting was appropriately sumptuous.
I've known individuals who attended a less prestigious school in order to work with a big name in the field.
Professors seek prestigious careers, while funders and students seek prestige by association.
He contributed to prestigious literary magazines, was accepted in serious artistic circles.
Drug companies are particularly eager to win over faculty psychiatrists at prestigious academic medical centers.
In trade publishing, a platform is the same, but it's a prestigious brand.
Its leadership includes a number of intellectuals and medical doctors, a prestigious job here.
But perhaps there is only one lesson: to become thought of as more prestigious.
Success depends on publishing in a handful of prestigious journals, which can be too narrow in their preoccupations.
Emerging art galleries often need the approval of prestigious art fairs to be taken seriously.
New graduates take less prestigious jobs and stay in them longer, stunting upward mobility.
Prestigious brands have been clobbered as much as volume manufacturers.
However, after college he did not move into a prestigious business career.
And it's certainly more prestigious than an adjunct position.
In general, the more prestigious your credits, the shorter your letter of application.
They want to upgrade to a more-prestigious university, a bigger salary, and better facilities.
Awards considered more prestigious are given more weight than others.

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