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At that time in India, being a chef meant being part of a low-pay, low-prestige occupation.
In recent years, studying abroad has grown in both prestige and popularity.
It's sad to learn that people just work for the money and prestige.
The so-called golden age of television was built on the work and prestige of Broadway playwrights.
Those wearing it were barred from even the slightest useful exertion, thus reinforcing the prestige of the ruling class.
Track and field titles, plus prestige, are up for grabs.
Surprisingly, the sheer volume of papers -- not the number of citations per paper -- was the best predictor of prestige.
But count me among the people who fail to understand the trend of reviving long-dead prestige brands.
Respect, prestige, and doing rewarding work are also primary factors.
More and more universities see football as the ticket to prestige and wealth.
Our findings nevertheless demonstrate a novel form of selection in human populations on the basis of social prestige.
And the weirder and more remote the specimen, the more prestige in finding it.
They will use money, prestige, power or anything that will advance their cause.
It's also one that a good many scientists have allowed to go uncorrected because it enhances their prestige and social status.
But, of course, not only the demands but the rewards-in terms of both prestige and money-are bigger.
Serious champagne drinkers sip only the prestige cuvées produced by a handful of winemakers.
The leaders have pinned their own and the country's prestige to high-speed rail.
The glamour and prestige of winning also inspires dedication.
Several large and loss-making airports in the two delta areas are testimony to a wasteful race for prestige.
If he ignored the shelling, leaving his supporters to flee or be killed, the loss of prestige would be catastrophic.
There are no eligibility restrictions for personalized prestige license plates.

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