pressure cooker in a sentence

Example sentences for pressure cooker

Everybody knows that academia is a pressure cooker, but that excuse only goes so far.
Reduce your kitchen time further by bringing a crockpot or pressure cooker with you.
The confined, barren stage space of that tacky motel room has the effect of a pressure cooker.
No ordinary pressure cooker can achieve such compression.
We all chuckle quietly, beginning to bond over being thrown together into this extraordinary pressure cooker.
Shut off the steam supply and wait for the pressure to equalize before opening the lid of the pressure cooker.
Reduce pressure at the end of the cooking time by running cold water over the lid of the pressure cooker.
For stove-top cooking, consider using a pressure cooker.
Samples will be cooked in an instrumented pressure cooker modified to permit steam injection for rapid heating.

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It is best for all parties in the combined family to take matters slowly, to use the crock pot instead of the pres... more
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