pressure point in a sentence

Example sentences for pressure point

He proceeded to break their hold, using every pressure point possible.
Since the previous contract, the financial crisis has created a new pressure point in the dispute.
The officers testified that they used the mandibular angle pressure point maneuver.
Locate the pressure point for the area that is bleeding and apply pressure to that pressure point.
The pressure point to use depends on the location of the wound.
The correct pressure point is between the wound and the heart.
Explain that the pressure point to be used depends on the location of the wound.
Such articles appear on a continual basis and serve as a pressure point for a cleaner, better government.
At this equal pressure point the tension of the elastic of the balloon is not as great so it feels soft instead of firm.
Select fan operating point to right hand side of peak static pressure point and near the peak of static efficiency.
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