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Example sentences for pressed brick

The houses, built of concrete or hand-pressed brick, are cold in winter and heated by dung or coal-burning stoves.
The building is a yellow ochre pressed brick and limestone structure, three-stories in height.
The exterior is built of pressed brick and terra cotta with marble embellishments.
The pressed brick of the facade is laid in a running bond with fine mortar joints, known as butter joints.
The exterior was of pressed brick with a rusticated cut stone entrance.
Indicative of the style is the gambrel roof that tops a two-and-one-half story block clad with russet pressed brick.
The remaining six floors consist of pressed brick and terra cotta.
They possess beautifully designed fa├žades ornamented with brownstone, pressed brick, and terra cotta.
The building is built of load bearing pressed brick.
It is constructed of red pressed brick, laid in running bond on a raised foundation of rock-faced, coursed ashlar limestone.
Both the house and its foundation are of red pressed brick, laid in common bond.
The primary facades of both wings are clad in yellow pressed brick, as is the entire recessed area between the wings.
The ground floor of the station is faced in granite with upper walls of red pressed brick featuring stone and terra cotta trim.
The chimney is lined with tile through the building and is constructed of pressed brick beyond the roof line.
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