press conference in a sentence

Example sentences for press conference

Yet the actual news of the day occurred following the meeting, at the start of the official press conference.
But when the news leaked, he told a press conference that of course he would not presume to advise a foreign government.
Such success in attracting the attention of potential bidders seemed, to me, at odds with the need to run a press conference.
There is only one standard by which a mid-scandal press conference succeeds or fails.
We held a press conference in the waiting room and left the building.
Enough to call a press conference, if this were particle physics.
They were contorting themselves and even lying on the floor to get the shot when he would hold a press conference.
It waited more than a day before holding its first press conference on the accident.
Maybe he should hold a press conference on a boat somewhere.
Later, in a press conference, this impression was reinforced.
Pre-fight interviews, press conference, weigh-ins.
The phony wildfires press conference wasn't entirely unprecedented.
There are times when a press conference or media event is the best way to deliver important information about your program.
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