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It then glides back and forth across the ocean floor on a ten-minute preset test mission under a harbor of unsuspecting sailboats.
Some people's genes are preset for maximal athletic performance.
These provide reasonable color accuracy when the light source matches one of the preset white balance options.
Radar gun emits a continuous stream of microwaves at a preset frequency.
Allow all applicants to preset their federal student-aid forms with their own tax data.
Students enter college with preset thinking styles, present ways to interpret and to approach situations.
Conversion is to bring someone over to completely adopt a preset system of values, ideas or concepts.
The tags are linked to in-car meters which can be loaded either with a preset credit or used to log travel for billing later.
It streams back video while flying any number of preset round-trip patterns.
Transferring money or paying a bill exceeding a preset number, will then trigger a second authentication.
There is a limit to the usefulness of a computer, it makes decisions based on preset conditions fairly well.
As has often been so, this motion is worded so as to preset the results.
For a monthly fee you'll be able to push the button preset for opera and hear endless arias, uninterrupted by commercials.
In an experiment, researchers asked people to play a game on computers that were preset to go a bit haywire.
And then it took multiple button presses to select a preset, which defeats the whole purpose of a preset.
In both cases, preset stopwatches sealed the illusion.
The dinner menu includes a preset first course, a choice between five entrees for the second course and two dessert choices.
With one button press, on the steering wheel, users can reply to a text by verbally selecting a preset response.
Guests in the main dining room can choose from two preset seatings or anytime dining.
Although private charters are available, the company also offers preset holidays.
Meetings typically begin with brief small talk and then follow a strict preset agenda.
Hall seems tied to preset questions and often appears disconnected and unresponsive.
The interface for deploying the preset shapes isn't especially intuitive, but keyboard shortcuts and gesture controls help.
The audio-input volume is preset and can't be adjusted.
The notification pops up on screen at the preset time and all you have to do to trigger it is tap the message.
Generous variety of preset coffee drinks for the more serious connoisseur.
Preset counters are simple counters that will not count higher than a preset value.
The following only applies if you have a preset arraignment or a preset court trial date.
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