preserver in a sentence

Example sentences for preserver

But it is also the steward of scarce public resources and the preserver of public goods such as law and order.
Later studies show strenuous exercise could be an age preserver.
Your guide will require this, but you should not try to sneak anything past him, such as keeping the life preserver unbuttoned.
He stood on the mound as a strong-willed life preserver, impervious to the heat of the night.
Militarism is the great preserver of our ideals of hardihood, and human life with no use for hardihood would be contemptible.
Clear historical arguments can be made that often religion is the protector and preserver of civilization.
And if possible, throw a life preserver or floatation device.
Make sure everyone in the boat has a life preserver.

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Every man's task is his life-preserver. The conviction that his work is dear to God and cannot be spared, d... more
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