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Rinse each preserved lemon thoroughly and cut pulp out with a knife.
Identify problems and solutions, unique challenges, and existing features that were preserved.
Once opened, preserved chutneys keep for months if stored airtight in the refrigerator.
Grocery stores often sell pimientos preserved in oil, but the fruits are also good for eating fresh or cooked.
How pleasant it is for him who has been preserved to remember his toil.
Glory is acquired by virtue, but preserved by letters.
Nature has formed you, desire has trained you, fortune has preserved you for this insanity.
The baggage and papers of officers and soldiers taken during the siege to be likewise preserved for them.
The exquisitely preserved body was found with much of its tissue still intact inside an envelope of skin.
The creatures swam in temperate seas and sank to the ocean floor after they died, where their bodies were preserved in soft mud.
Some were preserved so that the deceased would have companionship in eternity.
Because the little island is preserved, the reefs are still intact-paradise.
Thoughtful planning preserved the pre-recession budgets of all academic departments.
They welcome the idea that it's being digitized and preserved as part of a large-scale effort.
The former prison's administrative building and cell block are historic structures and will be preserved.
On the one hand, the best of what's been thought or said will be justly preserved and celebrated at the center.
Yet the integrity of the individual work would still be preserved.
But there were external pressures that preserved membership in such communities, too.
The deceased was placed in his office and with the help of those in the biological sciences, preserved.
Until recently, such authority was collected in books and serials, which in turn were preserved and made accessible by libraries.
Teaching students how to work respectfully with preserved animal specimens is important.
If the wetlands need to be preserved, let duck unlimited do it.
Plants are best preserved by pressing and drying them.
Three of the basins are well-preserved and remain visible today.
But the story would soon grow far richer than a simple body count of fossil bones, as intact and well preserved as they might be.
With other words it can be preserved if the conditions are preserved.
No one has yet found an exquisitely preserved feathered dinosaur carrying fossilized lice.
As of died specimens, characteristic is that no bones are ever preserved.
On the high plateau at the top of the cliff, a few ancient valleys have been preserved.
He preserved genetic material from his dog, for example, so that he could later be cloned.
Nobody knows exactly why they were so well preserved.
Traces of soft tissue are preserved only rarely in amphibian fossils, but in this case, the detail is exquisite.
Overall capacity is thus preserved, and the new companies drive down prices, triggering another round of bankruptcies.
They are well preserved, and encased in sediments that allow uncommonly precise dating.
For three weeks, the kidney cells were preserved in a quiescent state.
It contains millions of them, beautifully preserved in layers of limestone that are interspersed with volcanic ash.
Even though that is easier said than done, the cultural importance of this language should be preserved.
Of course, not every job will go away, and the innovative power of the free market system should be preserved.
Thanks to the durability of those early inks, the thoughts of our ancestors have been preserved.
He sought them out among arrivals at the camp and preserved them from the gas-chambers for a series of brutal experiments.
Seeds deposited in the bank will be preserved by the cold, certainly for hundreds and perhaps even thousands of years.
To try hearts of romaine with artichokes and preserved lemon vinaigrette, click here.
Neither my speech or the context in which it occurred is preserved.
Indeed, the idea that every provision of the tax code that lowers revenues must be preserved is the opposite of tax reform.
Oil installations will need to be protected, weapons depots guarded, and secret police files preserved.
These recipes are preserved in the homes, by grandmothers.
Fresh fruit, carefully preserved, captures summer for your kitchen shelves.
Inside, the old-world feel continues on the parlor floor, with finely preserved moldings and fireplaces.
Digital technologies are changing both how library materials are accessed and increasingly how library materials are preserved.
Also because the roof is covered with waterproofing and a lot of dirt, the roof is preserved and tends to last longer.
Let us insist that the non-nutritive pleasures of candy be preserved as such: non-nutritive, and pleasure.
Now the fear is that the dire consequences of democracy can best be preserved through the unlimited prerogatives of property.
It is our responsibility to see that our ecosystem is preserved.
Out slide two neat rows of chipmunks, impeccably preserved.
But that wasn't the first keg of butter that's been preserved by the strange chemistry of the bog.
What's more, though their bones are best preserved in caves, they probably lived in the open.
In order to investigate these mysteries, scientists turn to indirect evidence preserved on and inside the teeth themselves.
The structures were not preserved bacteria or some other remnant.
Instead they were the preserved vestiges of dinosaur cell structure.
We may have to wait for more intricately preserved fossils to be sure.
Both legs seem to straddle the sandstone block, with parts of the hip preserved between them.
Look for hidden bits of fresco, preserved mosaic flooring, and millstones for grinding grain back when business was booming.
Mail clerks raised money to have his body preserved by taxidermy.
It is believed to be one of the best-preserved colonial interiors in the nation.
The city remained well preserved largely because it was forgotten.
Preserved by the dry desert environment, such works make up the richest body of portraiture to have survived antiquity.
Your fruit becomes beautifully preserved, taking on a deep golden color.
When homemade in the past, it was never certain that the culture preserved and regenerated the original species.
Aviary tracks how and where elements are used, making sure that licenses and credits are preserved.
We can hear the electronically preserved voices of people long dead, as well as a universe of sounds unlike anything in nature.
However, its frozen body preserved the shape of the original bulge.
The integrity of science must be preserved above all else.
The words are not preserved through weak and flimsy neurons, but with silicon permanence.
And magnetic resonance imaging showed that caloric restriction preserved gray-matter volume in the brain as the monkeys aged.
Second, the quantum state of the signal wave is preserved.
For a start, for the entanglement to be preserved, the entire crystal has to be involved.
While it was alive, resin from a tree of the cedar family covered the mushroom and preserved it.
Since the shell wraps around itself as it grows, these earliest stages are always preserved in the middle.
His skin was exquisitely preserved, including a series of hatch-marks on his back and a cross pattern on his knee.
Feathers preserved in amber may contain dinosaur proteins.
Unfortunately, no fossilized bits of freshly caught dinner or remnants of past meals made it into the preserved section of web.
The resulting fine-grained calcium carbonate, or limestone, perfectly preserved the animals' three-dimensional structure.
The fossils have spent half a billion years underground, but three of them are still beautifully preserved.
But even as they collected the island's amber- preserved fossils, they had not mastered the mystery of the amber itself.
And he would have to figure out how to keep the head preserved until he could set up the scanning machinery.
They have been preserved in remarkable detail for their age.
Occasionally, fossils form in such fine-grained rock that these delicate layers are preserved.
Alcor thinks they're so good at this now that the company pretty much claims the preserved tissue will last forever.
She always offered us the first cut of an apple-the best piece, with its sweet flesh preserved under a shiny red back.
Even the leaders of the non-profit community preserved an optimistic perspective.
Some color change is likely in minnows preserved using alcohol.
She had established, preserved, and handed over a working democracy.
The primary attribute of sacred things is that they may not be violated, not that they must be produced or preserved.

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