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Summer's not the only time to pickle and preserve in-season ingredients.
Why do we need to colonize other planets to preserve our species?
Yes, and policy has attempted to preserve the old structure.
Panning for gold is allowed within the preserve but only with a gold pan.
Good ideas and innovation are not the preserve of senior management.
The Afghanistan government has worked recently to preserve its little-seen natural wonders and wildlife.
But without a conscious effort to preserve them, data slowly become the hieroglyphs of the future.
We must act today in order to preserve tomorrow.
Example of petroglyphs etched into the rock that can be found on the preserve.
Mangroves provide wood for fishing gear and housing, and their bark contains tannins that are used to preserve fishing nets.
Now more than ever we must fight to preserve our rights, the very essence of who we are.
Canning is the best way to preserve the freshness of summer fruit.
We have but little to do to preserve peace, happiness and prosperity at home, and the respect of other nations.
Hence arose mummification to preserve the body, and portrait sculpture to replace it if destroyed.
The second group of traces, found near the claw marks, preserve mammal burrows and dens.
Wright decided to try and preserve the lemurs' habitat.
It also seems a bit unethical to write a lukewarm letter because a student wants to preserve their rights.
They want to preserve a lily-white version of society.
Buy a ticket to the ballgame, help preserve history.
They include using salt to preserve meats, adding herbs or spices to foods, or pickling foods in vinegar solutions.
That's why it's so difficult to preserve, to observe and ultimately so difficult for physicists to play with.
Experts are looking into ways to preserve the broad creative freedom that mashups offer while making them safer to use.
Neither is a model anyone with a desire to preserve the fourth estate should strive to emulate.
For in its own backyard, the firm has had to fight to preserve its reputation for exclusivity.
Underwater archaeology has mainly been the preserve of scuba divers.
In all cases companies had cut back on investment to preserve cash.
It wants to support ailing firms and preserve jobs, while also eliminating wasteful government spending.
Her family had tried to preserve it, bartering with and working for other people.
In fact it is about how best to preserve the status quo.
Far from imploding before its five-year term is up, electoral arithmetic may even preserve the coalition beyond that horizon.
He certainly believes that his hometown should preserve fewer old buildings.
And unlike tablets, the illumination can be completely turned off in order to preserve power.
But it's easier to preserve bodies than minds, and a few centuries of memories can be a burden.
In fact, the newfangled media that's currently supplanting the phone call might be the only thing that helps preserve it.
On a small budget, go to a museum or nature preserve.
All of our efforts are to try, at base, to preserve this reservoir for the future.
Especially if his bedroom is on the ground floor of a church parsonage surrounded by a forest preserve.
People are now flocking to the nature preserve hoping to see the rare deer and take its picture.
Explore the world's oceans, from their prehistoric beginnings to modern-day efforts to preserve their natural wonder.
Share your thoughts on how to preserve its wild areas in our forum.
Rabinowitz has been leading the effort to set up this unique preserve to help ensure the survival of tigers in this remote area.
Burning helped to preserve the rich trove of artifacts found amidst the charred floor materials.
They preserve what has a value for them and will destroy everything that has in their eyes no value.
In the meantime, herpetologists are attempting to preserve animals by removing them from their natural habitat.
In return, developing nations would help preserve them.
Some policymakers and scientists have argued that countries with tropical forests should be paid to preserve them.
Natural selection works to preserve the species, not change it into something else.
So the future of farming is, in large part, a future of fighting climate change-and battling to preserve soils.
They have not been happy about, or supportive of, previous efforts to preserve the porpoise.
To preserve the efficiency of sunscreens, the products should be stored in a cool, dry place and replaced every year.
To attempt to preserve this climate, would be an attempt to keep the planet locked in it's current ice age.
Prior to this, humans relied purely on memory to preserve and transmit information, particularly of an historical nature.
The illusion of free will is not necessarily something one wishes at all costs to preserve.
Again, how far his daughters had gone is only recorded in the desire to preserve descendants to their father.
Both of these permanent filters allow the flavorful oils and minute sediment into the cup to preserve the flavor.
The comets are cold and ancient enough to preserve detailed records of the formation and early history of the solar system.
But it was also, more simply, a rule-book procedure meant to stabilize and preserve the crucial last data.
Perhaps the deeper purpose is to preserve the humorist's own.
My purpose for highlighting this is to preserve good relations between the two countries.
Let's have only one casualty and preserve what is done so far that was brilliant.
Instead, he proposed a complex plan designed to preserve a role for private health insurers.
Some specially tailored games seem to help preserve mental fitness.
Language serves to preserve history, unique information which records the past of our species.
At the time, elders debated whether to rebury her or preserve her.
Certainly cold climate helps to preserve food and there is no need for strong spice to cover up bad smell.
So they fight tooth and nail to preserve their old ways in the face of advancing technology.
Scientists want to preserve and safe our planet and all it contains.
In a frantic effort to preserve jobs, officials are trying to stimulate the domestic economy to make up for lost export growth.
If everyone has a spiritual story to tell of his life, everyone has a spiritual silence to preserve.
It's this cellular efficiency, perhaps, that delays aging and helps preserve animals' good health.
Nearly impossible to reach by foot, generations explored remote areas of the preserve by homemade airboats or swamp buggies.
Part or all of the preserve may be periodically closed for resource protection or prescribed burning activities.
The low oven temperature will help preserve the oils that make pumpkin seeds a nutritionally dynamite snack.

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