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Many of the samples fixed in celloidin also float in a liquid preservative that is probably formaldehyde or alcohol.
Salt not only enhances taste but also acts as a preservative and adds texture.
Hops was added as a preservative when it was transported away from the brewing origin.
Let deck dry for two days before applying a clear wood preservative with mildewcides and ultraviolet-light inhibitors.
And sulfur has been used as a wine preservative since antiquity.
For the first, the best preservative to keep the mind in health is the faithful admonition of a friend.
Here it acts as a preservative and stabilizer, preventing outside impurities from spoiling the contents.
Arsenic, a preservative, killed bacteria that would cause decay.
Sea salt is a mineral that has been used as a flavoring and preservative since ancient times.
The volcano's intense heat proved to be a great preservative.
Infamous preservative may help defend against bacteria.
In addition, sulfites cannot be added to the wine as a preservative.
Tannin is a preservative and an important factor in the way wines age.
Benign neglect proved the best possible preservative.
He washed them carefully with acetic acid, sealed them with a preservative, and pieced them together into a recognizable skeleton.
It's there so they won't have to find a better preservative or use refrigerators.
Alcohol is an excellent preservative, and this is a great way to store your cherries beyond their growing season.
The mixture acts as a preservative and adds flavor and crispness to the pickles.
That's because formaldehyde is often used in polishes to act as a preservative and as a nail hardener.

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