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Manual dexterity as needed in constructing preservation enclosures.
No one even knows what technology would have to be developed to reverse the preservation.
It is pointless to discuss preservation of specific animals.
Several major film preservation projects have been in the news recently.
The project became an exercise in preservation and space planning.
All that remained was a mold created in rock, and the activities of other invertebrates were critical in the preservation process.
Canning is a term that describes a certain method of food preservation.
Archaeological preservation has not been a priority-until now.
Conservationists and fishermen are working together on preservation programs that may promise a sustainable future for all.
The preservation of natural sounds in our national parks is a relatively new and still evolving project.
Perhaps the oldest and easiest form of food preservation is sun-drying.
While outwardly maladaptive, these behaviors ensure some measure of psychic preservation.
And even if all of these problems are avoided, preservation is not perfect.
We need to preserve biodiversity not out of any noble ideals but for our own preservation.
Especially when you consider preservation of various burrowing animals.
The couple decided to remodel the shed, and it became an exercise in preservation and space planning.
Many of these projects involve the preservation of tribal languages and stories.
The bottom line is how best to accomplish long-term preservation.
Yet the needs of residents for such amenities as light and water have tended to conflict with the demands of preservation.
For these groups conservation through habitat preservation is the better way to protect these species.
Overall the amount of preservation of these sedimentary structures indicates a low-energy depositional environment.
Concern over preservation of local farmland and the livelihood of small farmers was key.
But the original has faced a constant struggle for preservation.
And it can select complementary areas for preservation.
Restricting research to cells fertilized before an improvement in the preservation technique further delayed progress.
Those who claim a high willingness to pay for wilderness should simply donate to preservation.
We will all profit from the preservation of the natural habitat and species that are a part of it.
The researchers are now probing the limits of this new preservation technique.
City officials said the soft market made preservation more viable.
Sprinkle said she liked the old, funky and decomposing quality of the films, but digitized her work for preservation purposes.
The goal, of course, is balance between preservation and accessibility.
Second, dominant groups have disproportionate control over the production and preservation of widely circulated stories.
The preservation of truly untouched wilderness has to put a value on nature over and above what nature may offer to humans.
The research also shows that the bronze was cast in a way that allowed preservation of the model.
It's not clear what he cares about more, the copyright or the preservation of the dance.
If you emotions are a herd response then guilt is there for the preservation of the herd.
One should acknowledge good features of all cultures and wish for their preservation.
Thank you for your diligence for the preservation of one of the last large feline species.
It's time for other models of scholarly information preservation and access.
It combines the use of solar and the preservation of water.
Dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of dolls as an art form.
She now lectures around the world arguing for the preservation of natural resources.
Except that ai ki do is not about fighting, but about cultural preservation.
Balancing tourist access and the preservation of the sandstone city may be a tough call.
It can't come soon enough for our society and the preservation of the world's ecosystem.
The makeover became an exercise in preservation and space planning.
Palm acknowledges that battery use is a challenge and gives tips on power preservation.
Usually, self-preservation overcomes valour, and towns and villages fall without a fight.
The number of species protected would still go up, but without sending a signal that preservation policies were easily overthrown.
Despite the strains, the coalition's sense of self-preservation is strong.
Fortunately, there is reason to think that the vulture-preservation effort need not be open-ended.
They imply that lawyers' objections are motivated by self-preservation as much as by ethical scruples.
Fine to discuss alternatives to grouse shooting for the preservation of wildlife.
The social treaty has for its end the preservation of the contracting parties.
Among the latter those which subserve the self-preservation of the individual had the first claim for recognition.
Natural selection acts solely through the preservation of variations in some way advantageous, which consequently endure.
They break the first law of nature, which is that of self preservation.
It is related to the flight reflex and may be regarded as an expression of the instinct of self-preservation.
The explanation of the abundance of their remains was supplied by their varied condition of decay and preservation.
Curtis' film played a vital role in that preservation.
The preservation was not complete, but rather shows bits and pieces within these areas.
But for him, lists were a part of self-preservation.
We need to bear in mind that the spirit of resistance is essential to the preservation of public liberty.
Although our dry roast practice makes roasting more challenging, the preservation of flavor is definitely worth the effort.
The credit markets will still be in capital preservation mode, trying to conserve all the cash they can.
But not all power stations are worthy of preservation.
Historic preservation, once considered a hobby of the elite, has become an industry.
The shortage of donor organs is partly the result of outdated preservation techniques.
Fear is another emotion that can be used for self-preservation.
Centralization in some respects does not deny decentralization, and the preservation of local cultures, in others.
Granted, such industries have an obvious self-preservation bias.
Results of a new study found no chemical signs of deliberate preservation, either by embalming or smoking.
Perfect preservation, the past intact, when nothing of the kind could be said of herself.
The prospect of losing a fight evokes feelings of guilt and sadness in the player, rather than panic and self-preservation.
Its natural wonders draw tourists from all over the world so the preservation of these gems is of utmost importance.
No politician with an ounce of self-preservation would touch this with a ten foot pole, except to shut it down.
If a subject was buried quickly and oxygen was rapidly removed, it would seem that the preservation would be better.
Preservation of dead bodies is a concept that has long outlived it's well, it was never actually useful.
The promotions and tenure proceedings of a university are fundamental to the preservation of academic freedom.
The precarious framework of humane culture, the preservation of a minimum of decency, was everything to him.
As to motivation, careerism pur-sued beyond the boundaries of self-preservation would apply in pretty much any society.
At the same time it is prepared to infringe any or all of these in the interest of self-preservation.
Nor is it consistent with his grossly well-nurtured sense of self-interest and self-preservation.
The combination of ice and intentional preservation resulted in remarkably resilient specimens.
Meanwhile, new preservation technologies were everywhere.
If the den is on a flat, the middens are soon degraded by rainfall--even a light sprinkling will undo preservation.
There are obviously many other population biological processes which are responsible for the preservation of deleterious alleles.
Self-preservation is, and should be, an afterthought.
Experience with archives and special collections, including physical and digital preservation.
The problem with eating seasonally, of course, is storage and preservation.
Academia is the gold standard for the generation, preservation, and transmission of human knowledge.
Self-preservation has mission creep when it comes to the final mortal moment.
They're pushing for preservation, and the city is listening.
Most organ centers handle kidneys pre-transplant by washing, then submerging them in a preservation solution and melting ice.
Some doctors worry that fertility preservation techniques will delay treatment.
They are generally fenced off, but that is the extent of the preservation.
Perhaps the single best advocate for the preservation of coral reefs is the reefs themselves.
In many areas historic-preservation laws bar the devices anyway.
But thankfully there has also been wonderful preservation.
Information about preservation of historical records.

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