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Example sentences for presents

Easy enough to drop the presents by on your way out of town to say a personal farewell and thank you.
Females clearly prefer males bearing edible presents.
Something tells me this is a year people will appreciate practical presents.
Actual driving presents dangers that divert attention from what's said more than virtual driving does, he adds.
Our favorite presents to give and get this holiday season.
Failed cotton due to drought presents management concerns for follow-up crops.
Experts have long warned of the challenges footwear presents to the development of a natural gait.
Probing the human brain directly presents great medical and ethical hurdles.
Of course, the ad also presents her as the inevitable nominee, and we've seen how well that strategy has fared.
The two-career academic couple presents a persistently difficult challenge: what to do about hiring spouses.
The continuing importance of coal presents a dilemma.
It presents a series of digressions and observations-some a few lines, others a few pages-on the topic.
But a new study presents evidence that self-recognition has also evolved in a bird species.
We recognize the opportunity it presents to have a say in the direction of the department.
The picture he presents is a different and delightful one.
He presents a hypothetical rectangular island with six countries.
Of course, learning by playing presents pitfalls, too.
There are plenty of choices in the list of top tech presents.
Osteoarthritis of the knees presents a particularly serious problem.
GM maize presents the problem of contamination of other farms' crops with patented pollen.
Presents practical solutions to ward off environmental decay.
Another risk is one that often presents itself in mergers, especially those involving creative types: a clash of cultures.
In addition to its renowned collection, the museum presents temporary exhibitions and diverse public and education programs.
It presents a system for improving quality gradually.
It's not exactly hunting grizzlies, but it presents its own challenges.
Attending to more modern objects presents its own challenges.
But producing healthy viable clones, of any kind, presents a formidable scientific challenge.
The loser's brain presents a different pattern-that he's due for a winning streak.
Preserving the last big empties-Adventure magazine presents the best places to stay and play without leaving a footprint.
The different strategies pursued by these firms presents a puzzle.
He conceded that technology presents upfront costs for colleges.
The fourth in this do-it-all series presents bike touring done the easy way.
Full-page display also presents more information in a shorter time.
When the appropriate opportunity presents itself, she will try to work with the student to improve his or her thinking.
Ensuring that the reactor wall can cope with being bombarded by these neutrons presents a further challenge.
By contrast, the main thing with a party is usually not presents.
Climate change presents real risks for the future of mankind.
Every dementia patient degrades at a different rate and presents in a relatively unique fashion.
Each of the five books presents a highly individualised portrait which can never be fully reconciled with the next.
Yes, everyone does it to some extent, but maybe this presents another way of thinking about this that may answer the questions.
On the face of it, the obesity epidemic in rich countries presents exactly the opposite problem.
Yet, what you say about the threat commercialization presents to universities cannot be overlooked.
Household rubbish presents special problems, since it is an unpredictable mishmash of all sorts of stuff.
The fortress presents a more welcoming face these days.
Television presents a potent challenge to newspapers in a region plagued by illiteracy.
Put up jars now to tuck into gift baskets, use as stocking stuffers, or have on hand for last minute presents this winter.
Pawn and resale prove past gifts make great presents.
It's best to leave the gift wrapping of your food presents until you arrive at your destination.
There is such a thing as a false dichotomy, and this article presents one.
It then presents the possibilities to the typist on a screen.
If the legislature presents a good alternative, sponsors may withdraw their initiatives, and many do.
The universe of gifts dominates the software's ability to find good presents within it.
Others brought homemade cakes and birthday presents.
It presents a real headache for the government employees entrusted with records management.
In fact, putting too much focus on buying and receiving presents might be ruining our holidays.
If you enter a word it doesn't recognize, the app presents you with similarly spelled words.
Each client presents its own set of challenges, of course.
Puzzling from a distance, the church presents an enigma even when viewed up close.
With holiday season officially upon us, it's time to think about presents for your loved ones.
The system combines the video with computer graphics and presents the merged images on the liquid-crystal display.
Eats red meat three times a day whenever the opportunity presents itself.
The infected cell presents us with a far more complex problem.
It presents an aggressive scenario for future warming under climate change that many climate scientists question.
The museum presents permanent and rotating exhibitions.
The graduates smile and nod, accepting the presents, wisely saying nothing.
However, not once but twice in the article, he presents data that potentially misleads the less than careful reader.
However, getting it to work in mobile devices presents new challenges.
Winter presents an interesting apparel challenge for those who want to play outside.
All this presents researchers with an interesting opportunity.
It presents new ideas, original results and practical experiences in this increasingly important research field.
Pivot presents data in the form of a collection of images accompanied by textual data.
Add to that the sheer vastness of the human proteome, and deciphering it presents an arrestingly complex mission.
Built up from the workings of individual cells and genes, the virtual heart presents a vivid image of the vital organ.
Each presents tremendous opportunities for economic growth.
Plastic presents new kinds of concerns because it requires a radically different paradigm of toxicity.
Both presents are useless on their own, and the value of the first only becomes apparent when you have the second.
Technology, while it presents possibilities for contacting others, also presents possibilities for isolating us from others.
But the possibility of a civil-damage suit presents complexities that are not present in an ordinary case.
He faces his fear and conquers it, but then a new fear presents itself, and this proves too much for him.
To a casual observer our system presents no appearance of discord between the different members which compose it.
At its origin it presents, opposite the segments of the aortic valve, three small dilatations called the aortic sinuses.
It is remarkable for the number of curvatures that it presents in different parts of its course.
The medial or nasal surface presents a longitudinal furrow, corresponding to the crest on the lateral surface.
Moreover, at this stage the definition of the space co-ordinates also presents unsurmountable difficulties.
Nearly every word presents a concrete meaning, clearly visible even through a figurative use.
At a state farewell dinner she presents him a sly token of affection: a bouquet spiked with seedlings.
Making green clothing decisions presents challenges that shoppers encounter in many areas.
Better to be prepared when the next rotting corpse presents itself.

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