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Perhaps you might know someone who is presently growing hops who would give you a root cutting in the dormant season.
It is a beautifully-produced volume that is among the best summaries of dinosaur science presently available.
Thanks to an infusion of government funding, however, construction on a new visitor center is presently underway.
The fossils are presently under the jurisdiction of a federal bankruptcy court.
We are presently about half-way out in the expanding phase.
As things presently stand that evidence has not been provided.
Indeed, skills that the majority of employers are presently seeking.
The catfish is one of several fish species presently endangered in the watershed.
Robots will also do initial reconnaissance for places presently too remote because of our limited propulsion technology.
Presently he informed us that he was a ship's doctor.
Articles with headlines in gray are presently unavailable online.
The protest movement, as it is presently structured, does not seem capable of either.
But throw them out into the street and they are presently in the dock.
Presently, our intuition is that transparency and disclosure are the best policies.
We're all presently being failed by unqualified candidates who keep being elevated to frontrunner status.
Cerf said he did not know their names, or at which colleges they were presently teaching.
Eighty-six of the defendants are in custody and twenty-five are presently being sought.
One with a full driver's license instead of the learner's permit that is presently being carried.
There's presently no certification for cosmetics, so for beauty products to be labeled organic, they must meet food standards.
Presently the mouths of the figures open and shut, after the mode of ordinary conversation.
The replaced vegetation could be scrub forest and abandoned farmland, not presently being used for producing food or timber.
The tide of patriotism was rising, however, and the populace presently took a hand.
Presently he begins to realize that it is the things that own him.
Presently a small military garrison oversees a meteorological station.
Presently one fastened on his back, another seized his shoulder.
While she spoke the stars shone brighter, and presently a chariot descended through the air, drawn by flying serpents.
He gathered about him a small circle of believers and presently began to preach in the town against the prevalent idolatry.
Presently it was carried up another story, and another.
Presently, electrical current alone is responsible for the logic functions in circuits.
Presently, there is simply no way to know what future generations of transgenic mutations of mutations will bring.
Suitable standards should be established utilizing the best technology presently available.
Maybe you could end up solving some of the insolvable problems that physicists are scratching their heads over presently.
They come from the countries experiencing the economic downturn and severe recession presently.
It is the bare bones of quantum mechanics that have proved to be consistent with what is presently known of the subatomic world.
Fortunately, domestic demand is presently quite stable in the surplus countries.
Administratively, today's crisis is far more complex than it was in countries where the clean-ups are presently being praised.
Presently, raising taxes is not under consideration, say government officials.
It doesn't take a genius to figure out that you can presently stabilize the economy by spending extremely large amounts of money.
In the debit column, it presently has a ridiculous city government headed by a goofball of a mayor.
These new photovoltaic thermal hybrid panels presently exist only as prototypes.
Presently the muscle gives her problems during day and night and she can not walk with out crutches or uses a wheel chair.
Chlorine is presently being used extensively throughout the country.
Some even criticize the chasing-arrow labeling system for implying a higher level of recyclability than is presently available.
If the same holds true for humans, the platelets could be safely preserved for more than twice as long as is presently possible.
Only scientists of grown age are presently defining it from empirical data.
US citizens should be glad that they have not had high speed rail foisted upon them in the presently available guises.
The fact is that there are vested interests in this matter to continue things the way they are going presently.
Presently, there are no indications that the eruption is about to end.
Presently the airline does not possess any aircraft, employ a chief pilot or have a maintenance chief.
Six of the seven sea turtle species are presently listed as in danger.
Presently the magnitude of the response isn't equivalent to that of the problem.
They're only tuned by the state of society around us, towards the available avenues of engagement that exist presently.
Presently, the problem on the string side is to solve a well defined field theory in two dimensions.
One way is to abolish religion, as this is presently the main difference that is keeping humans apart.
Presently, about a third of the state's hatcheries are used in some capacity for wild stock conservation work.
Presently,the echo lab is participating in multiple research studies.
Click here or use the search features at left to view the concessioners presently operating in national parks.
The educational foundations of our society are presently being eroded by a rising tide of mediocrity.

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