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It is the obligation to the presenter or author to do so.
She is an especially powerful presenter for student audiences.
It could require the presenter to slip on a glove that would be recognized by the computer's eye.
Everyone who goes to the meeting must pay a presenter fee, even merely to attend.
Along with your professional memberships, list the conferences you've attended, even if you were not a presenter.
It would depend on a lot of variables such as proximity to the presenter and environmental noise.
The show's presenter says the priest is a natural who has doubled the programme's audience share.
What do you mean by relevant, asked the radio presenter.
Governments are pretty rubbish at making money from things, a presenter noted.
Today he works as an author, commentator and presenter on management and employment issues.
The presenter, in a bright red sweatshirt, is demonstrating how to construct a cardboard cut-out bumblebee.
In economics, all it takes is a flashy model and a persuasive presenter.
He may be a great meteorologist, but he's a lousy presenter.
Sheen was a surprise presenter and wasn't met with huge applause.

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