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Presentation week is he carnival season of college life.
After questions, short coffee and cookies thing to continue discussion of presentation informally.
Have each group create a presentation about the conflict it studied.
You've practiced your big presentation a thousand times.
In the museums, the intellectual presence is mediated through the objects and their presentation.
The presentation filters out intimations of hierarchy or solemnity in the objects.
Candidates for faculty jobs are usually asked to present their research and give a teaching presentation.
Chapters alternate between broad-scale historical accounts and detailed mathematical presentation.
Iowans will take their presentation home to celebrate their sesquicentennial of statehood.
Little bundles of fresh fish make a stunning presentation in this dish.
But when senators are prepared, then they can exercise their oversight without listening to a long presentation.
Top it with fresh raspberries for a simple and elegant presentation.
Wonderful still life presentation with this superb golden colors.
Serve this creamy sherbet with whole versions of the berries for a prettier presentation.
Later in the day families gather for a big meal, with extra care going into presentation and serving a variety of special dishes.
Bake them in individual dishes for an especially pretty presentation.
The colorful mixture of fruit and nuts makes for a festive presentation atop rich shortbread.
The simplicity of a few bright flavors and a clean presentation are hallmarks of his cooking.
Uniforms are out, as is standard decor, shelving and presentation.
Tailor your presentation for mid-level students, not for intro students.
Design plays an especially important role in the hotel's presentation.
The entire senior school turned out for the presentation and discussion.
Follow the flight of bald eagles as they soar toward a comeback in this multimedia presentation.
Six presentation boards each, plus a scale model each, explain each team's concept.
But what happens in between, in particular the presentation of evidence, will happen off-camera.
Watch this presentation on the delta and the amazing animals that live there.
It's encouraging to see how her confidence and presentation style have developed through the years.
The underlying data may be neutral, but there is always some spin in a website's presentation.
Thank you for this short but excellent presentation.
Although the recipes in one book are often similar to those in another, their presentation varies wildly.
The actress comes in and coaches me in body language, presentation style, and public speaking.
Fresh herbs and a special presentation make halibut a casually elegant meal.
For so many decades, advertising has been the process of presentation.
When a critic has conceived the leading idea of his essay, he is still in danger of obscuring its presentation.
Joseph went and heard her grandson's teacher give a twenty-minute presentation about reading instruction.
He made a prolonged presentation of his arguments and then, finally, invited my comments.
Partisan media can, and in some countries do, observe professional standards in their presentation of the news.
The biggest improvements to the single-player campaign have been in the presentation.
Full opens his presentation with what might be called a unified theory of legged locomotion.
After his fateful presentation, similar conferences stopped inviting him to speak.
As a whole, this makes for a much more streamlined and clutter-free presentation compared to its predecessor.
As is the case with any important presentation, you always want to practice.
When you're ready to go to the next slide in your presentation, click the top of the cube.
During today's presentation, all parties will be in a listen-only mode.
Many issues posing as questions of privacy can turn out to be matters of security, health policy, insurance or self-presentation.
Our presentation began, consistent with the occasion, with a prolonged hug that prompted laughter and applause.
They might briefly reference one ape presentation or another, but will quickly move towards social grooming.
During the last cross presentation, the white noise was accompanied by a beeping sound.
Another type of guest lecture occurs when you give a presentation on your particular interest or specialty.
The fellow is expected to make a public presentation of research at some point during the year.
The e-mail has a picture of the prompt and a link to the site where they are able to record their presentation.
She had learned about patent law from several graduate school acquaintances and a career-services presentation.
For that matter, several details in his presentation don't seem quite accurate.
He was committed to lo-fi-the lowest reasonable common denominator of textual presentation.
More, each was invited to give a public presentation.
Anyone who has flubbed a presentation or bombed an easy test knows the heartbreak of the choke.
Never mind that the presentation isn't completely perfect-the egg, mixing in with the earthy mushroom stew, is delicious.
It might be interesting to add some historical notes to the presentation of this article.
For those who can't get into the presentation, you can navigate through the pages at the bottom.
Our approach was to reach out to the local tribal council to work with them in the interpretation and presentation of our results.
The problem with science presentation from my point of view is that it is too often presented as the voice of authority.
He himself has no staged presentation of it, however.
Such stuff is a fitting complement to those little pieces of green sawtooth plastic used in presentation in many sushi places.
Easier than making individual pancakes, this big puffy pancake makes a dazzling presentation.
They were judged not only on taste and presentation, but on cleanliness of uniform and organization of table.
His message was as tight as a power-point presentation, but far more elegant.
Charm is not part of his presentation of self-he makes no effort to be ingratiating.
One presentation will reveal how poorly secured printers can even be grouped together to act as online storage for cybercriminals.
He is reticent and shy, and his pared-down approach to the presentation of himself applies also to the presentation of his work.
The politics are not in the commentary as much as in the variety of her music and presentation.
The information is interesting, but its presentation verges on self-righteous.
Happy to hear this in any setting, and the presentation is great.
For a number of island dwellers, the self-let alone self-presentation-must not be questioned, for fear of not fitting in.
When it is revealed as a lie, as a presentation of invented suffering, it deteriorates to kitsch.
For instance, the first presentation might be of four cards, each with a number on one side and a colour on the other.
It also supports file exchange and limited presentation capabilities.
But that is not intuitive which is what a good graphical presentation should be.
No sooner does he start his presentation than the power gets cut off.
Indeed, for every pared-down presentation pumped out by the electronic media, an engaging narrative can be found.
The big criticism of his government is that presentation outweighs substance.
And beyond the costs of this presentation of the product, there is no small amount of skill and taste.
The author is to be commended not only for his objectivity of views expressed but also unbiased verbiage of presentation.
There are several fallacies in the public presentation and perception of the current economic crisis.
In addition, the bank's presentation of its policy has often made it into a laughing stock.
First, whoever put together that chart badly needs a remedial course in data presentation.
Although many ideas keep returning on these blogs, it's a good opportunity to refine them and their presentation.
But the presentation is certainly more sophisticated.
Both team members should participate in the presentation.
Each workshop includes suggestions on effective presentation at science fairs.
After each group has made its presentation, ask students to look for shared elements.
Their size and shape give a sense of drama to the salad's presentation.
Arrives in a presentation box with space for you to write a personal message.

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