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Example sentences for presentable

We are in the middle of a discussion based on presentable facts and evidence.
The game's environments, although limited, were more than presentable.
Some of the linen-wrapped cats still looked presentable, and a few even had gilded faces.
And wear a shirt underneath that is presentable in case it gets beastly hot and you want to unbutton your jacket.
If you were single, you generally had to leave your house to get laid, and you generally had to be somewhat presentable.
Because of his skin problem writer chose a profession that did not demand being presentable.
That's the ideal journalistic clothing: warm, presentable and clean, and easily made informal by discarding the tie.
Five out of six contenders are figureheads whose job is to make the election look presentable, observers say.
Though your wardrobe doesn't have to be in the first stare of fashion, it does help to look presentable and aware of the culture.
The laundry, shower and kitchen facilities are all for public use, but the common areas are clean and presentable.
Before long, the hermit has washed and bathed and become quite presentable, even charming.
But all hobbyists, neophytes or veterans, should join more presentable groups to broaden contacts and knowledge.
He has a good speaking voice and a presentable appearance but he does not really do anything that many others cannot do.
But even if you don't, you'll need to make it presentable.
Employees shall maintain a presentable appearance at all times while on duty and shall wear clothing appropriate to their duties.
Volunteer plays a key role in keeping our refuge clean and presentable.
If you do not purchase the book, you must keep it in a neat and presentable condition.
Utilize what the city has to offer to help you keep your city presentable to your friends.

Famous quotes containing the word presentable

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