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Example sentences for presage

The transaction is the largest buyout in the for-profit education sector and could presage a wave of similar deals.
Whatever the amount, the case might presage major changes in the way college athletes are treated.
The dictator's funeral may presage political change.
Some of the quiet types could presage devastating tsunamis or larger, ground-shaking shocks.
The market meltdown does not presage another depression.
Rapid growth in money and credit may also presage inflationary trouble.
Some of the quiet types could presage devastating tsunamis or larger, ground-shaking shock.
And it may presage the entrance of other state pension funds into this arena.
On past form the slowdown seemed likely to presage a long slump.
But they might presage crises more reliably than a focus on the short term.
The somewhat manufactured quality of this year's political tantrum over oil may presage big changes to come.
The change in personnel-rarely a good sign-seemed to presage a change in strategy.
Yet the plight of the news business does not presage the end of news.
Brotherhood sources believe the arrests may presage a wider crackdown.
They may also presage a new period of declining prices.
But human-rights monitors fear this may presage a first step towards a wider web of censorship.
Still, the successful offering could presage a wave of followers among private equity firms.
Usually these odd finds presage the discovery of a major wreck.
But such a move may presage other efforts to fix areas of the state's infrastructure beyond its ailing water system.
Next it is a lively and cheerful presage of our happy success and victory.
And although it may seem invincible, its fundamental design flaws presage disaster.
The report showed some capital investment strength, instead of the weakness that would presage a sharp decline in the economy.
Presage factors are the baggage that pilots, students, instructors and the organization bring to learning.
These tensions presage the potential tradeoffs that will likely have to be made.

Famous quotes containing the word presage

Not mine own fears nor the prophetic soul Of the wide world dreaming on things to come Can yet the lease of my true love... more
If I may trust the flattering truth of sleep, My dreams presage some joyful news at hand.... more
Hyde Park engendered shadows. The dying greenery of hurtbushes and larches, under the grey shells of clouds that now beg... more
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