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Example sentences for prerogative

She may not be interested in being friends, but that's her prerogative.
It's a wonderful idea, true to Goethe but true also to the director's prerogative of imaginatively investing a text with life.
It is my prerogative (and yours, and everyone's) to name myself.
But she insists on the prerogative of writing her own biography.
If she wanted to be deceased, it was her prerogative.
Overruling expert advice is a minister's prerogative.
That is of course your prerogative.
For since that day, the king's prerogative has been our own.
Controlling borders is a prerogative of the state.
But he also exercised his writer's prerogative to decide what to include or leave out.
Too many meetings are scheduled with no other purpose than to exercise administrative prerogative.
Good news, but there shouldn't be a limit, it's the individual's prerogative how many times they wish to donate.
We protested to the department but they upheld the prerogative of the faculty.
The conditions could take hundreds of years to develop, and it is the prerogative of movies to heighten, condense and extrapolate.
The public scorn of not-understood subjects has been the prerogative of elected officials, not scholars.
The irony in his proposal is that such a guest-worker programme would necessarily encroach upon a federal prerogative.
On the other side of the coin, lengthy sagas are not the sole prerogative of the literary elite.
If the user decided to use their bandwidth for phone calls that's their prerogative.
Now scientists know that such immortality is the prerogative only of cancer cells.
It is a national prerogative to make laws to protect their own country.

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