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Example sentences for preposition

The sentence-ending preposition rule is an invented bit of silliness rightly ignored by many excellent publications.
That sentence is grammatically incorrect because it ends with a preposition.
One thing I was taught, never end a sentence with a preposition.
They don't seem to understand that a preposition actually conveys information.
Because he is the subjective case of the third-person male pronoun, it cannot be the object of the preposition to.
This article has a syntactic error; being preceded by a preposition, like 'over', is not sufficient to turn a 'who' into a 'whom'.
You cannot have a logical discussion when you're so frustrated you forget the preposition in a prepositional phrase.
Functional shift has reversed the order of these verbs plus a preposition and turned the combinations into adjectives.
The word should be "whoever", of course, as the subject of the clause; the clause as a whole is the object of the preposition"of".
It's also pretty common to end sentences with a preposition, if the sentence would otherwise sound too formal.
The preposition was frequently omitted, a construction which lasted till through the eighteenth century.
But the preposition required when the cause is given in this construction by a noun is for, not by.
It went on to a much longer and richer abstract life as a preposition, its original referent forgotten.
Interestingly, this example of a sentence ended with a preposition is also an example of superfluity.
We go through such gyrations in our written words to avoid putting a preposition at the end of the sentence.
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