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IN preparing bread for sandwiches, cut slices as thinly as possible, and remove crusts.
At the time the ovule is ripening, the womb is preparing to receive it.
He always worked without a net, believing that preparing for disaster only made one more likely to occur.
Even as a new product is being launched, its manufacturer should be preparing for the day when it has to be killed off.
It is preparing to let foreigners buy property in tourist zones.
Hence the contorted spectacle of a party preparing for power at a time when the markets are challenging its every orthodoxy.
There was also no shortage of natural disasters preparing to strike at any time, from hurricanes to earthquakes.
The government is preparing for the monsoon, digging ditches and improving latrines.
Today's high unemployment may also be preparing the ground for more efficient processes.
In many parts of the world, cities are on the forefront of preparing for a climate-changed future.
One would only have to rub an eye after preparing this extract to discover its pupil-dilating effects.
It is what gives you that little burst of urgency, focus, and motivation when you are preparing to do your best on an exam.
Retreating glaciers are only preparing to have another go at it and, technically, are not retreating.
In a mall, someone riding an up escalator is probably arriving and preparing to spend some time and money.
When people feel stressed, their sympathetic nervous system typically revs up, releasing energy and preparing the body for action.
These type of articles are preparing the public for healthcare rationing.
Melatonin leaks out of the pineal into the brain and into circulation, preparing our brain and body for sleep.
Meanwhile, other research teams are preparing to make their own forays into the subglacial world.
Ostensibly preparing for the north, he secretly planned for the south.
Fifty soldiers were dispatched to begin preparing some sections of the ice.
Then he began preparing for the serious business of the day: leading the battalion into the heart of the city.
His team is preparing to submit a second study on reference frames in marine mammals, birds, fish and reptiles.
Graduate education generally does not do an outstanding job of preparing job candidates for that reality.
The price goes down if you're preparing more than one return.
They trap shrimp and other tiny creatures in the baleen, which the whales then swallow before preparing for the next gulp.
It appears that local officials are preparing for another wave of academics.
For many of my students, college was not a goal they spent years preparing for, but a place they landed in.
You've said that part of your research in preparing this album was figuring out where nature and music meet.
He says his party is also preparing for armed struggle.
Preparing him for the screen test was another humiliation.
Her parents, therapists, nutritionists and teachers had spent years preparing the way.
College is about stretching boundaries, about preparing for adult life, about learning from bad decisions.
The only trick is preparing these foods in a way that highlights their fresh flavor without adding a lot of fat.
Always have lunch on the top of your mind when you're preparing big pot dinners such as spaghetti sauce, chilli or soup.
Being informed and preparing for those that could effect you are key to saving your site, building and collections.
Preparing early is one way to ensure your interview will be successful.
Below is a check list for recruiters that identifies the basic steps generally taken when preparing to recruit for a position.

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