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Example sentences for preparedness

If there was ever a moment of ill-preparedness, this was it.
The film is remarkable in conveying the principles' utter lack of preparedness for their upcoming parental responsibilities.
The uncertainty factor makes global preparedness particularly challenging.
Disaster preparedness and recovery also need to be considered.
Many posts here bemoan the preparedness of undergrads.
To some degree, this is a warm-up question but it also serves to signal the candidate's preparedness to the committee.
But it meant the government failed to ensure proper disaster preparedness.
It may also be troubled by unsettling questions about its level of pre-earthquake preparedness.
Lack of preparedness leads to panic if things go wrong.
While much work has been done in the area of academic preparedness testing, less work has been done in emotional development.
No amount of physical practice or mental preparedness will ensure that one will be able to run the marathon of the poem.
However, this is a catastrophe beyond the scope of preparedness.
The things that could conceivably be done fall into two categories-mitigation and preparedness.
But doing so takes time and detracts from a unit's overall preparedness.
Rather, they were thinking of educational preparedness.
The storm killed thousands, but better preparedness kept the toll down.
Yet credit must go unreservedly to the country's unprecedented preparedness for such a disaster.
Basic level public security officers are typically trained in disaster preparedness and customer service.

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