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Example sentences for preoccupy

Because they preoccupy common goods, they take these goods as their own.
So many other things can preoccupy their creativity and get in the way.
The all too familiar sensation of stress can preoccupy your thoughts, narrowing attention to the sphere of your concerns.
Applied scientists must preoccupy themselves with the details and the biochemical processes that make evolution arise.
The dire implications of an aging faculty preoccupy a lot of academic pundits.
No matter what his original intentions, foreign problems were sure to preoccupy him deeply.
There are even bike and hiking trails, a great way to preoccupy the kids for the day.
The final two concerns mainly preoccupy countries that owe their debt to foreigners.
As the millennium approaches, it will increasingly preoccupy policymakers and the public too.
They also preoccupy thinkers in the social sciences who address fundamental questions.
The intense jockeying for jobs, and the fevered speculation about who will get them, preoccupy the town.
To the contrary, the higher faculties and finer things preoccupy them at all times.
The serious side of life might preoccupy your thoughts early in the day.
But the notion of running didn't exactly preoccupy him outside of some leisurely jaunts.
Markowitz also suggests bundling non-urgent tasks together at one time, so they don't preoccupy you when you are under the gun.
That's another country likely to preoccupy your thoughts in your new job.
External preoccupation is less likely if nothing external is present to preoccupy you.
The implications of this shift in public school nomenclature could preoccupy sociologists and education policymakers for years.
For some people, taking notes may preoccupy them so that they do not hear and evaluate all of the evidence.
Unfortunately, since election day there has been plenty of bad news to preoccupy us.
Confusion over why a disaster happened at this particular time may preoccupy them.
Problem-solving focusing on internal issues must not preoccupy the department's efforts and resources.
Not something that ever seemed likely to preoccupy the glittering, self-besotted members of the fashion tribe.
Big-picture issues can preoccupy the currency markets.

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