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Over the past two decades, college admissions has become a prime-time preoccupation.
Contemporary art has reflected this preoccupation with discarded materials.
Terrorism became the preoccupation of police and politicians, bankers, and business leaders.
Boosting people's sense of self-worth has become a national preoccupation.
The preoccupation of naturalists with evolutionary progress made it easy to case crocodiles as evolutionary sluggards.
But he does continue to have weaknesses stemming from too great a preoccupation with actuality.
Securing more private funds has thus become a growing preoccupation.
The first was the investment-banking arm's preoccupation with growth.
Terrorism became the preoccupation of police and politicians, bankers and business leaders.
If you have a holey old cast-iron wood stove, you know what a constant preoccupation fussily feeding it can become.
Meanwhile, uncertainties about the economy tend to feed through into a preoccupation with health care.
Our main preoccupation should be to change society for the better.
The history of maps once seemed a quaint preoccupation.
Planning for my retirement is an annoyance rather than a preoccupation.
But it must not be the superpower's only regional preoccupation.
Some people have a preoccupation with their job that may cross the line into addiction.
But far from promoting social harmony, the preoccupation with talent had produced social breakdown.
It isn't one way or the other and that is why the preoccupation with national standards etc, is so misguided.
Leaders and officials at every level will begin to relax after months if not years of preoccupation with this event.
The preoccupation with money and employment expressed here is remarkable.
His long struggle with multiple sclerosis only deepened his preoccupation with suffering and mortality.
The third stage involves preoccupation with getting high as the center of one's life.
In some ways this might seem part of the preoccupation with limits that has arisen in the humanities.
And almost symbolical of his place and rĂ´le in history was his preoccupation with funerals.
Their view of its defining features: an intense daily yearning and preoccupation with the deceased.
Figuring out how to inspire, in this age of preoccupation with debt and unemployment, is not going to be easy.
If there is a preoccupation with weapons or violent scenarios in journals, he may need help from a counselor.
Yet the preoccupation with movies was there from the beginning, and it went deep.
The problem of how to cull observations honestly is a constant preoccupation of statisticians and methodologists.
Mountains provide an antidote to modern life and its dreary preoccupation with maximising comfort and minimising risk.
The preoccupation with globalization has clearly affected my own work.
Under the pressure of events my original preoccupation with the artist acquired a broader base.

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