premonition in a sentence

Example sentences for premonition

Ted cleared his throat, and it was just that: not a premonition of speech.
We can employ a similar back-of-the-envelope calculation to explain death premonition dreams.
My biggest fear as a young lad was a premonition.
There is no moon tonight, only the flicker of a gas flare far out in the sea, and the premonition of dawn.
That miner, he said, had a premonition that something bad was going to happen.
Over the weekend the family learned that his premonition had come true.
But before he could finish the thought, a premonition came.
There was no premonition of catastrophe.
My first premonition of trouble came before we took off.
Her son had called weeks before to say he had a premonition that he would be killed.
But she had a premonition that the movie she hated was about to change everything for her.
She has a premonition that she will die in the spring.
She gives a close account of its three stages: premonition, possession proper, aftermath.
But he had an almost uncanny premonition of the dark period ahead.
First she senses that an airline is to be bombed--a premonition which comes true.
Some days are still sunny and golden, but with a varnished, empty glow that is a premonition of winter.
Maria flew to him and clutched his arm, with a premonition of evil.
One can't help but think of this as some sort of premonition of his own mortality.
His premonition about his birthday weighed on him, he couldn't push it aside or rationalize it.
His interview reveals a longing to be free and the premonition that freedom would soon be forthcoming.
Such a premonition would have added even more distress to the parting.
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