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At such times, arctic foxes will follow the region's premier predator—a polar bear—to eat the leftover scraps from its kills.
The premier fantasy art team reveal the secrets behind their success.
I've been watching since the premier.
The premier downtown spot for shopping, dining and entertainment.
The premier's personal image has not helped.
He has great defensive skills and is the premier catcher in the majors.
As the province's new premier was sworn in on March 8th, many hoped so.
We just had another premier recently.
But he has endured as one of the league's premier players throughout his 16-year career.
They could take the premier now, instead of the little entresol of the hotel which they occupied.
Don't miss this premier meeting of leaders in higher education.
Founded and grew city's premier small business computer problem-solving and training company, employing four people.
Their annual juried exhibitions have been hosted at the premier galleries and museums across the state.
It is the premier heart surgery hospital in the country, and has tons of good information.
He resumed his job as deputy premier, only to face his enemies again.
Government revenues obviously did not increase by the amount the premier had promised either.
Yet though a mayor may matter more to citizens than a state premier, voter turnout is higher in state elections.
As design moves into a new era, its premier reference adapts.
Up until now, the premier did not want to face voter ire if possible.
Although milk is commonly thought to be the premier source of calcium, many other foods are calcium-rich.
It wasn't religious folk who turned that into one of the premier ecological disasters in the world.
There was a grueling first week and a meeting with a vice-premier and many other government figures.
Eco-cell is the premier cell-phone recycling program for environmentally minded fund-raisers.
That's because people from all over the country with cancer go there, because it's one of the premier care centers.
They were regarded as the premier horse thieves of the plains.
The place is a premier resource center for the promotion and practice of contemplative prayer and lifestyle.
The best essay will be chosen to win a seven-night ski getaway for two people at one of four premier resorts.
In winter these mountains become a premier playground for ice climbers.
It's got no stars, no premier playwrights, no float-out-of-the-theater magic.

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