premeditated in a sentence

Example sentences for premeditated

The attempt was premeditated, and had been well planned.
Here we're talking about gross and premeditated abrogation of responsibility by a senior administrator.
It is not unreasonable to suppose that imagination in such cases often colours highly without a premeditated design of falsehood.
We do not think the deceptions were premeditated, however.
There's no doubt that killing with a weapon, whether impulsive or premeditated, is opportunistic.
But he says he doesn't buy the notion that the data reflect premeditated bias.
There you see the difference between the occasional horror of war and premeditated, conscious barbarism.
Tonight, baseball stadiums will provide a more premeditated chance to express feelings in a group setting.
Soon, my dear sir the whole thing will be unequivocally exposed for a premeditated fraud.
At the court-martial they need to show that the sergeant's actions were premeditated.
Perpetrators of unlawful violence fall roughly into one of two types: impulsive or premeditated.
What they do is premeditated: they plan, they plot and they wait.
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