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Example sentences for prelude

But as I now know, landing the job is only a prelude to the real prize.
Anyways, it was fun, hopefully a prelude of things to come on Friday.
He began to prelude on the harp, which he had placed before him.
But it offers not peace, only the prelude to a peace.
It was the prelude to scandalous waste and corruption.
The brief examination that followed was not unlike a prelude to ambassadorial appointment.
Compared with the prelude, the hearing itself was a bit of a letdown.
And so the talk ran on a little longer, while the organ prelude could already be heard from the church.
It was a prelude, a necessary but insufficient foundation for belief.
Liquid voice resounded like the prelude of a flute.
And it is the prelude to other unforgettable experiences that await a few steps away.
Gathering information about a problem is a crucial prelude to effective action.
But after this prelude, the salt merchant remained silent.
What gets measured often gets managed, and the permits are a prelude to federal restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions.
The only other species known to do it as a prelude to mating is the white-fronted parrot.
For these efforts, the case of the golden lion tamarin is a prelude and an object lesson.
That's as a prelude to his finding fault with virtually all of economic theory.
Our lunches were a fitting prelude to the conversation that followed.
The tenuous cloud floats near the volcano's mouth, as if in prelude to an eruption.
It was standard stuff, a prelude to a quick wrapping up of the investigation.
Work as a kitchen maid came as a prelude to marriage and motherhood.
Three tough guys stare daggers at one another in the prelude to a triangular gunfight.
Few could imagine that the noise was a prelude to the deafening first atomic explosion.

Famous quotes containing the word prelude

I am a prelude to better players, O my brothers! An example! Follow my example!... more
I got a little secretarial job after college, but I thought of it as a prelude. Education, work, whatever y... more
"We're all friends here" is a prelude to fraud. "I am sincere" is a prelude to lying.... more
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