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They need to be taught that intolerance and prejudice is dangerous.
People, it seems, are rather more prejudiced than they think they are.
One's prejudices reveals a great deal about a person.
The prejudice seems based on fear.
Once that happens present ideas without prejudice.
Politeness makes it unacceptable to express prejudice, even if those attitudes are actually there.
You are a guilty of the same prejudice that you claim everyone else instills.
He had overcome prejudice many times before.
That might mean nothing given we're in a world where ratings are terminated with extreme prejudice.
But that may show its own generational prejudice.
Remember, when the judgment 's weak the prejudice is strong.
No wonder the prejudice surrounding them is so high.
Until fairly recently, the lion was hunted with extreme prejudice.
The management of existing prejudice and communication barriers must be factored into the design.
We had to break in the boots with extreme prejudice.
The conclusion that only highly evolved organisms have the ability to act collectively proved to be a stubborn prejudice, however.
Everything must be inventoried without distinction or prejudice.
He went around embittered against age prejudice for a while, and then he got a job elsewhere.
Prejudice and contempt, cloaked in the pretense of religious or political conviction are no different.
The common sacrifices be so ordered, that they be no derogation nor prejudice to any of the private sacrifices and religions.
Julius reaches behind a handful of instances to disclose an entire history of prejudice.
The shattering of an illusion, or the grip of a prejudice, is not enough to give someone standing in court.
Prejudice against them because they don't speak leads to all sorts of bad judgments about deaf people.
They are now bringing them back but, whether this is about comprehending or prejudice is difficult to say.
There is absolutely no control, the sample is too small and probably biased, and the prejudice of the observers is evident.
But even that reader's suggestion promotes a prejudice.
Historically, physics has been well-served by going out to look at nature with a minimum of prejudice.
Science is merely another authority sometimes invoked to validate personal prejudice.
Maybe the answer lies right here, on the benevolent side of prejudice.
But the truth is, for reasons of law and of prejudice, their family is different.
The idea that prejudice is a binary phenomenon is based on a misunderstanding of how minds operate.
Since genetic modification would help with this, it would be handy if people abandoned their prejudice against it.
And there is also a lingering prejudice against electronic-only publishing.
Another difficulty was to overcome the prejudice against running a public utility as a business.
But prejudices are still useful-and this newspaper's prejudice is to look for ways to make the state smaller.

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