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In this lesson, students create mock fossil records based on current scientific theories about prehistory.
Made of wood and rawhide, these traditional snowshoes go back to prehistory.
Until recently, there was little to be said about the prehistory of pandas.
But what the skull means to prehistory is still unknown.
The precise nature of the first religions is lost in prehistory.
Much of our knowledge of prehistory comes from artifacts interred at ritual burial sites.
If reporters write the first draft of history, explorers and archaeologists produce the first sketches of prehistory.
The discovery also offers clues to the early prehistory of birds.
Inequality has been a part of humanity since prehistory.
Acceptance of the supernatural conveyed a great advantage throughout prehistory, when the brain was evolving.
Many are valuable crops and others are useful plants that humans have carried with them since the migrations of prehistory.
Despite its small size, it is densely populated and has a rich cultural history stretching back to the days of prehistory.
It is all there, from prehistory to the present day, in seventy-six pages.
For the first time in human history and prehistory combined, the choice will be ours.
Archeological district---a significant concentration, linkage, or continuity of sites important in history or prehistory.

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