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Example sentences for prehensile

The prehensile trunk of the tapir has changed little in millions of years of evolution.
The white hook on the left is a standard prehensile hook.
The all-conquering maker of bendy, magnet-tipped prehensile tripods is slowly turning into a flashlight company.
It seems to have lacked a trunk but may have had a prehensile upper lip.
Manipulative, prehensile appendages to grasp and alter surroundings.
Howler monkeys have prehensile tails, or tails that can grip.
It is akin, rather, to the mathematical or musical prodigy's prehensile grasp of hidden structures.
The hairless tail is prehensile, useful for stability in climbing trees.
Inspect your coccyx to see if you have a prehensile tail attached.
Has a prehensile tail that aids in its ability to climb.
When hunting, this snake will use its prehensile tail to anchor to a tree branch and then push its prey off of the branch.
They had a prehensile tail and feet adapted for climbing trees and probably were tree-dwellers.
They occupy structured habitats, where they cling to living or inanimate structures using a prehensile tail.
The tail of the squirrel monkey is long, but not prehensile.
They have a pointed nose, small round ears, and a hairless tail that is prehensile.

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