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Example sentences for prefixes

As for-profit higher-ed sector becomes a substantial part of the landscape, these prefixes and adjectives will go away.
The alleged misuses of these two words offend those of us who are sensitive to the meanings of prefixes.
Once you've got the infixes and the prefixes in your head, and the three-consonant root verbs you can construct any word you want.
Some of the metric units listed above include prefixes such as kilo, centi, and milli.
Define the meanings of the common prefixes and suffixes found in cancer and medical terminology.
If the exact word you were looking for isn't a sub-entry, look up the word's prefixes and suffixes.
The site has good depth on the use of metric unit prefixes, how to write them, and symbols and abbreviations.
Any of the specialty plate prefixes followed by any numerals.
There are a limited number of combinations of prefixes that are available to be used with an area code.
Teaching prefixes and suffixes and root words can be a wonderful way for content area teachers to help students.
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