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It is great morning, and the hour prefix'd.
You'll note that the stations of each country are designated by the prefix of their call letters.
Malcolm X pointedly omits "the honorable," a standard prefix in his references to his former chief before the break.
In meteorology, words with this prefix describe the connection of similar values of a particular variable.
See, "hier" is a prefix that usually refers in subtle ways to priests.
For the record, the prefix giga stands for one billion; kilo stands for one thousand.
Ana- is a prefix of Greek origin meaning to ascend or move upward.
Remove the “nano” prefix and you probably get to the heart of his concerns: technology.
The prefix is ubiquitous.
Even a layman like me knows that the law on trademark is that you can't own a prefix or suffix.
Ah, how the incorrect prefix can really change the severity of an event.
It is also perfectly normal for the same prefix to pronounce differently depending on the root word it is modifying.
In today's doubleheader, seven compound phrases get split apart and recombined with one new word added as a prefix to each half.
Definition of prefix code, possibly with links to more information and implementations.

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He had just reached the time of life at which "young" is ceasing to be the prefix of "man" in speaking of o... more
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