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But he did not want to reveal the tactical reasons for preferring a blockade.
Others are unwilling to teach basic introductory courses, preferring to farm those out to underpaid adjuncts.
But students end up preferring this system, he says.
During his first trip, he hardly slept, preferring headphones to his pillow.
She gave us no guidelines for preferring one over the others.
We avoided chain spas, preferring one-of-a-kind facilities.
Preferring warm waters, whale sharks populate all tropical seas.
These turtles are solitary, preferring the open ocean.
Anteaters never destroy a nest, preferring to return and feed again in the future.
During the winter they generally keep to forests, preferring coniferous stands that provide shelter from the harsh elements.
He takes a long-term approach, preferring to return again and again to a place long after the headlines have faded.
They avoid deep waters, preferring coastlines where sponges are abundant and sandy nesting sites are within reach.
Breeding: a variety of deciduous and mixed-forest habitats, generally preferring relatively open woods.
Preferring to spend time with them versus other little kids was probably the first indication.
They are not fussy or particularly stylish dressers, preferring simple clothing without much adornment.
Or, preferring chocolate, the guest perhaps goes to the other end of the table and asks for a cup of chocolate.
He obstinately rejects the term open source despite its now near universal use, preferring free software, the name he coined.
Sociopaths are unlikely to cause physical harm, preferring to manipulate and charm to get what they want.
It's interesting to note that pregnant mice have their preferences flip to preferring the smells of close relatives.
It clung to the false memory, preferring it to more literal happenstance.
He is almost invisible, preferring to duck or even let his students, friends and colleagues talk on his behalf.
They eschewed these things only when preferring them would encourage a stereotypic view of themselves.
Archer plays a cautious and precise game, preferring to rely on position to avoid difficult shots.
Most generations in history have been organizational ones, preferring to motor along in their daily grooves, directed by others.
But he sees it differently, preferring to think that those offerings will connect him to her for a long time after.
Marcia still wants to marry him but he refuses, preferring bitter isolation.
He never says he owns any of these things, preferring to call himself their guardian.
Most days he skipped school, preferring to play video games.
Surprisingly, many species are even preferring salt to energy-rich sugar.
US buyers have a long history of preferring bigger vehicles, but lately they've begun to crave the fuel economy of smaller cars.
Does not show the proper wiggle and hip action to turn the corner, preferring to power his way up the middle.
Several jurors sat in the audience and watched, preferring not to take questions.
However, those preferring the scans does appear to be trending down.
Despite his size, he is not a mauler, preferring to finesse the defender.
Shad are roamers in that they don't congregate over structures, preferring instead to live nomadic lives in open water.
Companies are still unhelpfully shy of hiring, preferring to squeeze yet more output from fewer people.
Game producers now eschew long manuals, preferring to make games easier to play but harder to master.
Picky consumers tend to avoid the chemical version, preferring natural flavours.
They are entrepreneurial and upwardly mobile, preferring to own their own homes and run their own businesses.
He hated the telephone, preferring to conduct a business discussion face to face.
The soldiers were not eating enough bread, preferring cakes instead.
He refused to imbue his music with a patriotic mission or himself with any grand purpose, preferring art for art's sake.
She also selects buyers carefully, preferring a patron who is willing to donate works to a museum.
Others find it quite difficult to discuss their art, preferring to let it speak for itself.
He plays hooky from school, preferring to fish and frolic with his dog.
Some avoid outdoor cafes on sidewalks because of previous terror bombs, preferring restaurants set back from the street.
There are a lot of good reasons for preferring to live in the city.
She never played with dolls, preferring stuffed animals instead.
Apple refuses to make acquisitions, preferring to create and market its own products.
She has burned through four chiefs of staff in five years, often preferring her own counsel or that of her close-knit family.
The packet did not contain copies of the board's votes preferring charges.
Canebrake rattlers inhabit wooded and forested areas, preferring hardwoods.

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