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Teaching experience is higher education strongly preferred.
When the apparatus was reintroduced two months later, the chimps reverted to their own culture's preferred method.
And within about ten minutes, even the sweet-blind mice preferred the sugar water.
Others quickly jumped in with their own preferred visions of prehistoric life.
Our tasters preferred the smoother texture that results from peeling the fruit.
The tip of our tongue loved sweet things, while the sides preferred sour.
Reach students using their preferred method of communication-and in their preferred language.
The capital would come in the form of non-voting preferred stock.
The moth people would have preferred more humidity, with thunderstorms threatening, if possible.
No real study of this preferred siting has been done.
Herbivores preferred flat bones-such as tibias, mandibles and ribs-that they could more easily hold in their mouths.
If grown outside their preferred climate, they're best treated as annuals.
Logic has been and is still my preferred audio recording and editing program.
Formal training in the field of nutrition is also preferred.
The reason that this form of solar power is preferred over direct conversion is, of course, energy storage.
Willow also has become the preferred site for its rural setting, officials said.
Because there is no preferred direction in empty space, rotations in three dimensions are symmetric.
Surely there were meatier parts of the mammoth's body that would have been preferred by these large scavengers.
Community college teaching and experience with technology preferred.
It is also a land grab: an attempt to map out preferred borders.
The bigger it gets, the bigger its preferred prey becomes.
Earlier work had shown that in bird species that engage in lekking, females often compete for preferred males.
Convenient and quality amenities include a consolidated rental car facility to help you get to your preferred destination.
College level teaching experience in the finance field preferred.
Problems are avoided or denied for as long as possible, witch-hunts preferred to real change.
While the pigs provide a steady source of food for the eagles, their preferred prey is the fox.
But when asked how well the lecturer relates to the students, each gender preferred their own.
Ignoring science in favor of a preferred outlook on the world can have devastating consequences.
The preferred culinary marjoram, this is often grown as an annual more add to my plant list.
Business and teaching experience in the field of finance preferred.
He thought it too complicated and in any case he preferred walking.
On the harsh desert terrain, horses are preferred to bicycles for the daily job of counting and herding animals.
Further surfing reveals that natural rubber is preferred for the tread of tires.
Sauropod fossils are found primarily among inland deposits, perhaps indicating that these dinosaurs preferred inland habitats.
The preferred culinary marjoram, this is often grown as an annual add to my plant list.
First the experimenters confirmed that roughly half the students preferred each good.
Bears tend to prefer locations where they can use their preferred fishing technique.
Turned out the subjects significantly preferred a spoiled version of the ironic twist stories best.
Both my parents loved animals, but preferred cats over all others.
We preferred the type with the door at the top, because it made reaching in easier.
Instead, they preferred to investigate the elephant remains, especially the ivory.
Her father was a cabinetmaker who preferred to hunt for fossils, but neither occupation brought the family much money.
Experience with community based translational research in obesity and diabetes prevention is preferred.
They preferred that she stay in school, and would actually beat her when they knew she had been out singing.
Reverse osmosis is clearly the preferred method using currently available technology.
The ability to teach a human cadaver-based anatomy course is preferred.
These social animals cooperate on their preferred prey-large animals such as deer, elk, and moose.
It is a question of how much processing you can afford and what the preferred end state is.
The preferred treatments for melancholy in his time were purges, emetics, bleedings and physical punishment.
Previous university teaching experience and evidence of successful student recruitment preferred.
From what scientists can tell, their preferred diet is deer and wild pigs called peccaries.
There was always rice, cooked to perfection and topped with gravy or butter, as you preferred.
Candidates who can contribute to the college's interdisciplinary programs are preferred.
Experience in supporting faculty use of technology preferred.
Work experience in residential life and demonstrated supervisory experience strongly preferred.
Choose your preferred meaning and decorate your desktop accordingly.
Students rarely comparison shop and often rely on the preferred lenders list recommended by universities to take out a loan.
It is true that one can do an end run around one's preferred style.
Expertise related to secondary science teacher education is preferred.
Ask students to describe the manatees' range and preferred habitats.
In so doing, he became the preferred confidant of the players that everyone in the industry wanted to know about.
Before that, nickel-metal hydride batteries were preferred for many applications.
The preferred filler was apomorphine which induces vomiting.
Prior work experience in a music library is preferred.
He liked to buy his lorries new, and he preferred hire purchase because you kept your cash and made it grow.
The preferred recording device is known as a laser vibrometer.
Electronic submission of applications and correspondence is strongly preferred.
The older generation preferred a tight-lipped approach.
Seasoned collectors typically have a preferred cleaning method, but novices shouldn't fret.
Knowledge of academic or federal law libraries is preferred.
The orangutans' preferred food is fruit, which often includes seeds.
Went back and forth between stick and automatic for years, but always preferred the stick.
Either way, sheathing my manhood in a prophylactic into which he had spit wouldn't be the preferred method.
Everyone has a preferred way of organizing their daily lives, but fitting a vacation into your normal system can be difficult.
Preferred hookup sites are no different than full hookup sites as far as amenities go.
Both presidential candidates would probably have preferred different partners.
Conservationist tenant preferred, but extractive forestry also considered.
He, in common with many artists, would have preferred not to have talked much about his work.
It is even possible that, over time, deals between trade blocks could become the preferred form of trade negotiation.
Smart investors preferred to make bearish bets via more bespoke instruments.
But even in a society that preferred to believe that criminals were born and not made, this was soon deemed unacceptable.
Physical remains, rather than linguistic patterns and microbes, are the preferred form of evidence for human migratory maps.
Among males from four-hole chambers, about half preferred their familiar mates.
And they discovered that mosquitoes preferred the smell of skin with more abundant-but less diverse-bacterial communities.
Intriguingly, normal males preferred to mate with females that lacked hydrocarbons over normal females.
In the big bang model, the universe is symmetrical, with no preferred location.
First, he convinced a new doctor to prescribe him tetracycline, the preferred treatment.
However, somewhat surprisingly, the study failed to show that owners preferred this particular smell over the other one.
The result is that imperative, increased reproduction with preferred mates, which drives us phenotypes.
He is talking about velocity relative to the preferred frame of rest of the galaxy and the purported cloud of dark matter.
Healthcare and/or academic medical experience preferred.
Candidates with previous internships and deadline-reporting experience are preferred.
In print, boxed ads receive preferred placement and are grouped by job function to help readers find them.
Master's degree required, doctoral degree preferred.
Previous university level teaching experience strongly preferred.
Evidence of exemplary college teaching experience is strongly preferred.
Expertise in composition and literature preferred, as is previous teaching experience.
While physical presence is preferred, candidates interested in telecommuting from their place of residence are welcome to apply.
Significant experience in the field of logistics and supply chain management is also strongly preferred.
First-hand experience raising money and developing donor relationships is highly preferred.
Investigators with fresh new ideas and a strong track record of publication are preferred.
Experience or interest in human development is preferred.
Two years of community college teaching experience preferred.
Applicants must hold a doctorate degree and those with teaching, research or administrative experiences are preferred.
Experience in a multi-campus educational setting is preferred.
Community college or post secondary teaching experience is preferred.
No voting rights were attached to the preferred shares.
He was ready for almost any kind of literary work-controversy preferred.
He took the last place in the monastery, and preferred always the meanest offices in the house.
Commonly speaking, boiled coffee is preferred, and is more economical for the consumer.
The first was not worth the trouble of writing, so he preferred to attempt the second.
Two habitats should be unsuitable for dinosaurs, and one should be the dinosaur's preferred habitat.
But her own preferred theory-that the lines represented settings on an astronomical calendar-has also been largely discredited.
Modesty, order, and cleanliness were apparently preferred.
Small mammals, birds, and other reptiles are the preferred food of western diamondback rattlesnakes.
As a rule, trees and plants time the opening of their blossoms to attract their preferred pollinators.
Bakers will tell you that the pumpkins grown for carving aren't as tasty as the sugar and cheese pumpkins preferred for pie.
There are places where this is an acceptable, even preferred method of ordering.
Select what you want and tell the server your preferred cooking method.
But they are the preferred way to get hesitant capital in motion without making full financial commitments with tax dollars.
It will become possible to tailor the soft-drink image in the broadcast signal to reach each of you with your preferred brand.
So it was startling to find a politician who preferred to say nothing.
Anyone with a contact in another country generally preferred not to advertise it.
Crack is what he preferred, and he went to prison for it twice and another two times for parole violations.
Perhaps normal imperfect human being simply preferred the company of other normal imperfect human beings.
Instead, they preferred to give dealers franchises, and work with them as partners.
He preferred the ticket to the trip, the postcard to the place, the fragment to the whole.
He was not free enough, was how he preferred to phrase it.
He preferred making things up, and his inventions were always more colorful and exciting than reality.
The anthology's editorial team endorsed the community-preferred word and made that clear in the preface.
However, mixing their genes with those of other trees is preferred, so they really rely on wind pollination.
One reason why a good old violin is generally preferred to a good new violin is that the wood changes over the years.
Generally, mining companies preferred to seal off spent mines for public safety.
They preferred hills for their villages, walling them and grouping their houses in tight, defensible rows.
Wheat is the preferred starch, making appearances in the chef's own noodles, dumplings and breads.
At home, she preferred to threaten high-ranking miscreants with exposure rather than execution.
Instead of imagining a preferred direction in space, imagine there were a preferred place in the universe.
These three challenges revealed that starfish have a hidden bilateral symmetry, and move in a preferred direction.
But his owner told us that he really preferred to dance with a partner.
They preferred to crawl along the ground, a dangerous proposition for a small monkey.
Natural selection doesn't ensure that the best form evolves, merely that the slightly better form is preferred.
Our feline companions are its preferred home and only in their bodies can it mature and reproduce.
Condoms may not be preferred but the reality is they are now necessary.
Their preferred alternative explanations produce no new insights, no new developments, and no new students.
Especially if the preferred behavior should cost them money or a change in lifestyle.
Clint preferred to generate real emotion from real life.
He knew in that moment that he preferred to look at the audience instead of the stage.
We've never heard anyone call him that, and did not know he preferred it.
And even plagiarism is to be preferred to the recycling of mythical or distorted history.
Although skilled at team sports, he preferred the decidedly less cool cycling club.
She preferred to befriend cooks, housekeepers, and secretaries rather than their bosses.
He much preferred the seen to the unseen, despite everything he'd seen here, during his previous visit.
We had both spent much of our lives in the back of beyond, serving governments that preferred not to have to acknowledge us.
He preferred swimming, as it required virtually no social interaction.
She preferred that no book be written, but as that was impossible, she went in search of an author.
Popper did not propose his principle simply as a preferred criterion in evaluating scientific truth.
They can't understand why he is getting a trial and would have preferred to have him killed publicly and immediately.
We have always preferred how-to-do to let's-imagine-that.
They were for many decades the preferred site of a city's primary postal and telegraph offices.
The albinos are preferred by zookeepers simply because they draw such large crowds.
First came the telephone, which replaced the letter as the preferred means of business and social discourse.
First, obviously, is his preferred team for the future.

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