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Example sentences for preferential

The loss of preferential treatment prompted a search for new markets.
Most of the time our preferential voting system works quite well.
Preferential absorption and scattering of blue light could definitely skew the sun towards yellow.
The author also does not give any reason why grid-based sources are preferential to plug-in sources.
Their model exemplifies two primary aspects of user behavior: preferential attachment and aging of resources.
They were given preferential access to markets for borrowing money.
In terms of the specific subsidies, preferential land-use rights are invoked as an unfair subsidy.
On the other hand, preferential treatment to any particular group could lower overall troop morale.
But there's no incentive to leave your employer-provided insurance plan if it has preferential tax treatment.
Other ethnic minorities, who do not receive preferential gerrymandering, would benefit as well.
Districts are made up of streets or ensembles of streets where special activities get preferential treatment.
Several players also received preferential treatment and accepted impermissible benefits.
Since then it has built a textile industry on the back of preferential market access.
If they were helped with preferential programmes, they ceased to strive.
Within each band, minority candidates are given preferential treatment.
First, they worry that preferential tariffs will cause trade to flow in inefficient ways, a process known as trade diversion.
People with disabilities get preferential treatment, be they blind or whatever.
But that is all the more reason to ask why the world's best player should get preferential treatment.
Malays were given preferential access to public contracts and university scholarships.
It will make sense if things change back to where capital gains are not taxed at preferential rates.
Perhaps it is a case of not all members within one a dominant group not receiving preferential treatment in every area of society.
People with doctoral degrees of any kind making airline or restaurant reservations and hoping for preferential treatment.
Of course the preferential method for stopping unwanted pregnancies is easy and affordable access to birth control.
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