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And pencils are far preferable to pens, which tend not to work at temperatures below freezing.
But it's also acceptable-maybe even preferable-if the reason it was memorable was only tangentially related to the food.
Payment by check is preferable as a cancelled check is proof payment has been received by us and registration has been processed.
The product may be disposable, but using paper towels is preferable to wiping bottles with a germ-laden sponge or cloth.
Sometimes, putting the horizon down low to emphasize a dramatic sky is preferable.
Many writers agreed that a few deft changes are preferable to a lot of bad changes.
It would be preferable to have some respite from buying and selling, some separation between private and public life.
Getting a text is often preferable to getting a call.
That's preferable to a drawn-out fight in which one side refuses to accept the short-term risk resulting from a decisive maneuver.
But this is only preferable so long as a purely electronic display is much more expensive.
Humanity's survival and welfare is a good preferable to the increase of technological ability.
But it is preferable for psychology to speak the truth, rather than that this task should be left to the cynic.
Soft water is free from objectionable salts, and is preferable for household purposes.
Except for the risk of the burglar, the jail was preferable by far.
The first and last watches were preferable, because sleep was not broken as in both of the other two.
And building these lines is seen as preferable to further expanding reliance on imported oil for automobiles and airplanes.
Normal human liver cells clearly would be preferable.
In the way that a lawful evil dictatorship will always be preferable to a chaotic evil anarchy, cynicism gives us bright lines.
Solar panels and this bike-powered electricity generator are preferable ways to generate electricity at occupation camps.
From the perspective of the people, a known dictatorship with obvious bright lines is often preferable to utter chaos.
Recently, it's been demonstrated that the combination of psychotherapy and medication is preferable for many people.
It's preferable that they're investing in businesses and providing low-interest loans during a severe economic contraction.
Also, it is preferable to wash your car at a commercial car wash instead of in your driveway.
In the calculus of global warming, natural gas is generally considered to be preferable to coal as a fuel.
While finding a new home for your old gear is preferable, recycling is also an option.
Because it is preferable to burning the eyes of a few thousands unaware humans.
If the same ultrasonic approach could be used to repel the insects then that would be preferable.
No charge technical reference material would be preferable.
Too late, we'll then realise that a warmer world is much more preferable than a cooler one.
Joint sovereignty is preferable, however, because it provides the strongest guarantee that the city will not once more be divided.
Both options would have been preferable to what actually happened.
And as the ice cream expands, it will cool to a preferable temperature.
But no one knew if operating before birth was preferable to operating after.
It's great and preferable when people are polite and respectful.
It's easy to get tricked into thinking that simplicity is somehow preferable.
So from a self-interest point of view, this is preferable.
Risking dehydration is always preferable to having to find a restroom halfway through a job talk.
Yes, but generally having a bald head is preferable.
Also, if your campus makes them accessible, then high quality microphones and recording devices are preferable for interviews.
Also remember that it is fine--even preferable--to be completely vacuous.
Oddly enough, this can be preferable to the ones where no one is in charge.
The vibrance of markers is preferable to even colored chalk for drawings.
Yet a gripping performance on a screen may be preferable to a live teacher of doubtful competence.
If you're staying for more than a few days, access to a washing machine for your clothes might be preferable.
Hiking boots are preferable for those who plan to extensively explore the gardens.
If a sentence must contain incidental material, then commas or dashes usually are the preferable alternatives.
Natural fibers such as cotton are preferable as these do not melt into skin in situations of extreme heat or fire.
Ask your wedding venue if they have a list of preferable wedding vendors.
While it can be a pain to bring a stroller on a plane or pack it into a car, it's preferable to renting one at the parks.
Small, steady price cuts might actually be preferable all round.
So bitter are some of his colleagues at this blackmail that one says a fresh poll is preferable to continued humiliation.
Therefore it is highly preferable for travelers worldwide and also for some of the businesses.
When public debt and tax-financed spending are relatively low, a deficit may be preferable.
Worrying about work is preferable to being physically endangered by it.
They are surely preferable to the sight of officials using towels and duct tape to plug leaks.
But any is preferable to the implosion of the euro zone.
Being betrayed is certainly preferable to being ridiculed as incompetent clowns.
Preventing protectionism from getting worse is preferable to having to repair the damage afterwards.
Preferable to avoid, to be sure and not a decision to be made lightly.
Obviously, it's preferable not to lose your laptop in the first place.

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