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Spectacled eiders and turnstones are birds that also prefer the lower areas.
Other authors prefer to be more cryptic.
It could simply be that a lot of people prefer the trappings of suburban life.
So evolution-wise we prefer someone who falls for us after some courting.
It is a fairly reliable generalisation that people prefer pleasure over pain.
Do you prefer writing short stories to novels?
What do sharks prefer to eat? Where do sharks tend to look for their meals?
Readers who prefer the unofficial inside story are also in luck.
For note taking, I personally prefer to type, but others may prefer to doodle with their finger or a pen stylus.
Some students, especially medical students, prefer to own their books.
Males forage more widely and more to the south than females, who prefer northern waters.
They prefer larger, starchier, more typical plantain types.
Some prefer to pare peaches, sprinkle with sugar, and let stand overnight.
We prefer that writers publish under their own names.
Administrators and faculty members would prefer to see the salaries spread out to account for seniority, merit, or market value.
Employers might prefer a world of badges to the current system.
Some delegates prefer to attend multidisciplinary conferences, others prefer a conference with a narrow focus.
Whether students cannot find what they want at home or prefer what they see abroad, they are becoming more mobile.
Texans today also prefer investing in trusted local managers.
Solar cells prefer visible, or even ultraviolet radiation.
The sugar people, by contrast, prefer to follow the market's signals in deciding whether cane is crystallised or distilled.
They would prefer to recognise losses in the traditional way-that is, slowly and when it suits them.
Most prefer to concentrate on premium brands, while keeping costs low.
These models recognise that people prefer to put off unpleasant things until the future rather than do them today.
Some, for instance, may prefer the earthiness of a mud floor to the coldness of a concrete one.
The land is not good for farming, fishing brings little reward and local factories prefer to hire cheaper labour from far inland.
It has split those who prefer one holiday regime or the other.
Some companies prefer to rely on in-house chaplains.
They are also sheltered in their home market, where customers prefer domestic products.
She found that the range of responses was wide, with some seeming to prefer the lowered pH.
Many companies, it seems, would also prefer computers to get cheaper rather than more powerful.
Animal testing is expensive and can be of dubious value, and scientists would prefer cheaper and more reliable alternatives.
Other regulators would prefer to leave the former quant to implement his belated turnaround plan.
Yet there are already signs that consumers may prefer to read e-books on devices that do other things as well.
Studios would prefer people to get their films in almost any way other than renting them from a kiosk.
Kids prefer friends whose speech sounds similar to their own, regardless of race.
Taste testers prefer tomatoes that carry a flavor-enhancing gene.
Although the genetically altered mice couldn't taste the sweetness, they learned to prefer the sweeter water.
Not all was lost for patients who prefer medicine to meditation.
We all prefer to avoid thinking about the end of life.
They prefer stealth taxes for the simple reason that they are not transparent and the politician can avoid honesty.
The obvious alternate explanation is simply that people would prefer to think they are looking their best, even when they are not.
Cabins and lodges are available for those who prefer a little more luxury.
Take these calculators for a spin and see which one you prefer.
Many clients prefer to hire specialists rather than generalists.
By and large, companies prefer not to pay dividends.
For that reason, these birds prefer to live in windy areas where they can glide on air currents with little effort.
Depending on your students, you may prefer to guide students through each screen of the interactive map.
Regardless, females prefer elaborate, heavily spotted trains.
Logging creates the more open environment that the newcomers prefer, and the owls continue to move as forests are leveled.
Resident pods tend to prefer fish, while transient pods target marine mammals.
Most squid species prefer deep ocean waters far from land.
Snowshoe hares are forest-dwellers that prefer the thick cover of brushy undergrowth.
And the butterfly's caterpillar appears to prefer different plants as food.
Flickers are woodpeckers that can hammer trees but prefer to forage on the ground.
Baboons generally prefer savanna and other semi-arid habitats, though a few live in tropical forests.
Although warthogs look fierce, they are actually herbivores who prefer to flee rather than fight.
They prefer tall trees, but sometimes nest in low shrubs.
For those who prefer to eat meat, small portions served as a side dish rather than as the main meal are recommended.
They prefer to speak anonymously, for fear of intimidation.
Many hunters prefer not to discuss the origins of the trophy head that hangs on the living-room wall or above the office desk.
Economists prefer to see elections through the prism of economics.
They prefer well-designed forms and bright frank colour.
The key point here is that big business doesn't prefer smaller government.
But a few old-timers and thrill-seekers prefer to dispense with equipment altogether.
Movies tend to prefer the former, pundits and media critics the latter.
Some or all of the cider vinegar can be replaced by balsamic if you prefer.
So it's not surprising that many companies prefer to pile on the leverage.
He elegantly harmonizes aggressive works, each of which plainly would prefer to be the only one in the room.
Though the hens have plenty of feed in their coop, they prefer to scratch in the dirt for living things.
The sublime symbolic turn-or the retreat to metaphor, if you prefer-begins with the first words of the faith.
If their kids were orphaned, they'd prefer not to have them raised by celebrities.
He would prefer that this story not come out before his wedding.
People would prefer to let sleeping dogs lie-as long as they don't become rabid again.
Or if you prefer, you can also believe the world is still flat in your estimation.
Some of us have bought new once or twice but prefer a ride which has been tested, its a horse thing.
Writers who teach tend to prefer literary theory to literature and tenure to all else.
Those who insist that poverty doesn't matter, that only teachers matter, prefer to ignore such contrasts.
Bees tend to prefer radial, symmetrical arrangements typical of many flowers.
Some use sticks to extract honey from beehives, while others prefer leaves.
Parrots prefer picking up things with their left foot.
Interestingly, the scientists found that the aphids did prefer to land on some trees over others.
Now more than ever, those who prefer meat-free diets appear to comprise a sizable percentage of students on many college campuses.
Cut flowers prefer a cool, humid environment and should be kept out of bright light and away from heating vents.
Admissions committees generally prefer to see different types of letters from people who have known you at different times.
If you prefer being blonde, go for a blindingly bright platinum.
Some agents prefer to list houses for sale and are content to let others find buyers.
If you ask the cast and crew, they prefer the heat to the cold.
Some car owners prefer to take their vehicle to a dealer for maintenance and repair.
Today's grande-dame guests prefer to pamper themselves in these inimitable settings more often but for shorter periods.
Stash house caretakers prefer homes with attached garage.
It simply means that they prefer to pay others to do the grittier tasks of residential upkeep.
Prefer previous clerical and customer service experience.

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