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Perhaps this was because the prefab-housing business was not doing well.
Those who are religious merely had to choose a prefab philosophy based on religion that they felt was the best for them.
Prefab buildings in primary colours are scattered over a rocky and hilly terrain.
Today, that land is covered by rows of identical prefab houses.
That's the hog house, that long green wooden prefab that rests on metal piers.
Installing one of those prefab, snap-together wood-flooring kits is a lot easier than shaping and sanding rough planks.
Think of it as a prefab house that builds itself using chemistry.
Many of the houses are prefab, and squat on pilings atop small squares of soggy land.
Prefab construction tends to conjure up visions of mobile homes being torn apart by hurricanes.
We'd done as much prefab as possible, so it was time to start on the old house.
Not prefab as simple blocks, but complex beautiful enclosures rationalized for scaled production.
The prefab box is framed in wood and capped with stone veneer.
Later this year, it plans to make some of its models available as factory-built or prefab homes.
To minimize traffic disruption, each total prefab bridge was built in two stages.
Prefab units come in a range of sizes and designs for convenient placement in the shop.
They are moved around the prefab location and placed on racks for de-spooling.
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